Sunday, March 04, 2007

Starting over again

This is hard. Having got so far and feeling so good starting up again is challenging... and s-l-o-w! Still Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is fitness and as I like to tell myself (whilst struggling to get through my 3rd 10min run)... "What doesn't kill you makes you strong!".. hummm

Stats for the week aren't really respectable but better then the week before (which was zip), and although not much has felt like loads!

Swim - None... although did have a splash around in a hydro-therapy pool this evening and so am going to club swim night tomorrow, if for nothing else then to use a kick board. Am not terribly confident with righty's ability to do much front crawl!!! But one does have to start somewhere, and unless I tire myself on the kickboard I'll probably get a chill as the pool we use on a Monday is a bit on the cool side!

Bike - Err ok so I did one session last Sunday (which yes doesn't count as this week but makes me feel better), and I did make another 30min session during the week. Some good spining.

Run - Slightly better then the bike. Managed 5*5' with 1' rest one day something like 4.7km, then Friday I took the dog out in the rain (she pulled on the first lap then I dragged her on the second - who says I'm not fit!)... Anyhow managed 2*11min with 1'30 walk, couldn't go on any further cos the dog was soaked and not enjoying herself (well ok so she wasn't that bad but I had to get ready for Mum's 60th birthday party!!! :o).... Today was a painful 5.5km in a misely 35mins doing 10 on 2 off.

Had a couple of sessions of physio; Monday a good old ragging of the wrist then some interesting acupuncture on Friday. Not that is both weird and freaky. So hand is getting there but am still getting this really odd sensation in my hand. Strangest of all when I'm running when my thumb seems to have a permanent tickle!

Must be a year for broken bones as a friend from work bust his leg on Thursday - now that is bad. At least with my break I couldn't drive or wash my hair well but I could walk around. Poor Simon has his leg in plaster right up to his thigh has had to move back in with his parents to help out and may need an Op. Including myself that's the third person I know that has broken something this year - mad! Still he's a fit young man so should heal well (have already recommended the red wine, cheese, choc diet!!).

Mum's 60th birthday celebration was great on Friday night , although I think my Dad fed me too much wine given my sore head yesterday ;o) . I take much glee in telling her she's now officially an OAP - she can even now get a free bus pass! Although she is blessed with not only good looks but with a young face and good dress sense. Current favorite game is to overhear other people's ages and to realise that although she's the same age or older you would never think so. Excellent sport particularly when we were out shopping last week ;o)

My training plan for the week is to swim tomorrow, bike and/or run tues (club curry night so better do both then!!), if hand is up to it swim weds if not rest. Thurs run and/or bike with a swim fri. Haven't decided on the weekend yet.

Final bit of exciting news.... I'm DRIVING again - HOORAY!.... beware all those on the roads ;o)

More soon - let's run more and faster!!!

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  1. So glad your injury is healing. Really, that is the main thing for you at this point, being able to be active and not have a re-injury. When you get past that, I think it will quickly all come together again for you soon. :)