Sunday, April 15, 2007

A good week then

Phew! Sunday at last and summer seems to be here 3 months early... with temperatures in the mid 20s (infact the weather man just said 26.5 which is 80 in old money) my run today was hotter then I expected! Long may it last as it's gorgeous outside.

Following on from my swim success of Friday I can happily report I've finally got back on the bike (literally), and managed a 23k road session yesterday afternoon. I must confess it took a while to build up to it. Got my bike into Bettie (the car) and took her up to the hockey club to watch a couple of games then got on, clipped in and off I went. Planned pretty much to go straight up the road to a roundabout and back again. Lucky for me I didn't have to stop at any of the roundabouts I went over - lucky really given knowing my track record I would have unclipped one leg and gone and tried to put the other one down thus landing in the road..... so yes lucky I could just cruise to the roundabout and get straight over - phew ;o) Went up 11.2k in 27mins, took a quick water stop then flew back 11.6k in 24k - so it must have been down hill on the way back ;o) Really happy I got back on the road without breaking anything, but am still really nervous about being clipped in with so much traffic around. Still it's a start and the more I get out there the better it'll get :o)

Today I did a 10k run/ walk similar to last Sunday. Would have liked to have been out longer but bad planning on my part meant I had to get back so I could go and meet some friends for a late dinner. I enjoyed the run though although think my HR rates were set too low given how hot it was. Probably could have got away with something a bit higher at the top and low end. Will look to continue this to increase my distance whilst increasing my other straight through weekly runs.

Overall I've now finished my 3rd week of Base 1 training. The problem with week 4 (next week) which should strictly speaking me a slightly easier week (adaptation or something like that it's called), is that it's not likely to be easy given I'm going on my Tri Camp this Thursday! So plan to get my club swim in tomorrow and a run on Tuesday with a day off again this Wednesday. Looking forward to the Beginners Tri Camp - will be good to get some idea what I'm doing after all ;o)

Well I can't finish my blog with confessing my unfortunate incident yesterday... and I'm not sure I should admit to what I did. But anyhow.... so to cut a very long story short... I got up yesterday morning and needing to blow my nose I reached in to my dressing gown pocket for a tissue. Just as I was breathing in through my mouth to blow I saw in the tissue a big piece of Muffin (the cat) fur dusty stuff ... now obviously that shouldn't have been there, and I can only assume he dropped a tuft of hair on the floor, which rather then putting in the bin I tidied into my pocket. Anyhow, saw the fur too late and inhaled the blinkin thing! Scarey moments ensued as I coughed and heaved for some time. Not knowing what to do I did the obvious thing and phoned my Mum, who first thought it was some sort of crank call as I tried to speak in between coughs and heavy breathing! So to cut a longer story short. I didn't get an ambulance sent to me (despite being offered it by those nice people in NHS direct), and depending on where the hair ball ended up, will either swallow it, heave it up or cough it up. Nice! So now I know how my cat feels! Luckily I have some good neighbours who also have a wicked sense of humour - when I got back from my bike ride in the afternoon I found a packet of cat food on my front porch - especially for cats prone to hairballs ! Nice touch ;o).... could have been a lot worse really - just hope the ball of fluff/ fur clears itself before holiday!

3 more days to go before I jet off - HURRAH!

Oh better just recap the weekly stats then - all up from last week although still need to be in the pool more!

SWIM 68mins 2.4k (Mon, Fri)
BIKE 138mins 59.8k (Mon, Thur, Sat)
RUN 146mins 22.3k (Mon, Tue, Fri, Sun)

As usual of late no strength work, but do feel I should be doing something on my legs (squats, lunges that sort of thing), some core work and probably some tri/bi/ shoulder stuff.

Right as normal I'm writing this last thing so am now off for some zzzzzz's..... Love it!

Happy days everyone

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  1. looks like a good week in my book, but i'm terrible at making sure strength and core work happen, so take my input with a grain of salt...