Saturday, June 30, 2007


OMG - How completely knackering was that today.

But the TRI Gods shined (well almost), the rain stopped about 20mins before my race and started again about 30mins after - LUCKY US :o)

The race was:
Swim - 800 m: 2 laps of 400m with a short run from the swim finish back to the start to start lap2
Bike - 30.6k: 6 laps of flat dullness (not that I'm really complaining)
Run - 7.5k: 3 laps of the same (plus lots more pain!)

Total time: 2:07:55 (official as the results have just been posted)

HAPPY WITH THAT! Only mishap to note was my timing chip coming off with the wetsuit, but managed to grab it again for the run so I could be timed!!

... and now it's time for a bit more stretching followed by muchos duvet loving!!!

Oh and tomorrow it's official.....
No more smoking in public places in the England. HURRAH! Finally England has caught up with Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Oh, and yes, it is once again raining!


  1. Good job! I kept checking back waiting for news on how it went.


    And you had good weather too. Awesome. :)

  2. Karen, even a flat-tri is way better than what most people ever attempt to do!! Nice going...hope the velcro held up!

    Thanks too for your kind words on my blog...I appreciate your empathy in my son's deployment!

    Great news you are smoke free. Our city here did the same thing today, 1st July.

  3. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Close to 2 hours is just...AWESOME :-) Way to get it done!!!