Sunday, September 02, 2007


Ah Sunday and another TRI day... happy :o)

I'm sitting here post tri with a nice plate of walnut bread, a slab of cheese and some lovely juicy olives.. all get a capital YUM and before you start I know this is not the ideal post-tri food... but that was hours ago and I did rehydrate, eat bananas and have a protein bar after the race. I'm now obviously trying to put back in the 1000 calories I used up in the race.. and then perhaps some more too :o)

I'm also sitting here feeling simply excited - I don't know why - because that was the last Tri of the season? Because I really enjoyed it? Because this is the end of my first season in this new sport - and found it awesome in all sorts of ways... or maybe it's more to do with the caffeine I've had today?? One gel during the race, 2 cups of lovely tea at my Aunt's house after, then this afternoon another cup of tea at my Nan's.... humm.. ok I'll accept it - I've got a caffeine high haven't I?!?

Before I give my brief race report I'd just like to say that my Nan is just the best. It's not often I see my Nan, not because she lives far away but just because ...well do I have a suitable excuse??.. even when we do all see Nan it's more often then not due to a family get together.. and there are hundreds of us... ok slight exaggeration... but there are at least 10s of us...Too many for me to remember all by rellies names at times!!! The times I've spent with my Nan on my own are few and far between - so this afternoon's cuppa with her on the way home was a very special hour. My Nan may well be into her eighties - but she's not old. She talks about the "old" people in the place she lives! She has so much experience of life, she's so honest and true with her words. I wish I could go back in time and watch my Nan during her life. Simply put I love her immensely and she really is the best as I said at the start :o)

Back to the race.....

OK I will do a BRIEF race report tomorrow.. but as you can probably gather I did have ouddles of fun (which was the aim). I finished (hurrah), and I finished in 1:18:25 or something like (double hurrah). The distances were advertised as 300m swim (about right, it was a 75yd pool which you had to zig-zag up and down), 22k bike (undulating but terrific countryside, and down hill for about the last 1/3.. weeeeeeeeeeee), 5k run (no way was this a 5k, well short... in fact I think I'm going to gmap it... wait one.... yep 4.2k... but it was a really nice run by the canal so I won't complain!)... official timings are out tomorrow so I'll do my race report then.. and yes it will be brief.... honest ;o)

As for the rest of my training since my last blog... humm well I did manage a slow and arduous run on Friday evening. In fact the run started bad. You know when you just start and 2 mins later you think "I knew I should have gone to the loo before I left"..... and then your tummy feels like well... like every thing's going the wrong way... I then got a nasty stitch 8mins into it.... so made it a run-walk session instead of just a run!!! Still I then went off out for a curry so that sorted the tum out ;o)

Saturday I woke up with a bit of a sore calf so I went up to hockey trials with Biancha in the boot, no intention to play or umpire but go out for a poodle on the bike. That was until 7k into the ride I had a catastrophic flatty! Never had a sudden puncture before and it scared the living bejesus out of me. I braked and stopped so suddenly I almost forgot to unclip and nearly did that horizontal rider-attached-to-bike-in-the-gutter thing!!! Luckily I just managed to get out in time - phew. Then set about the task of changing a rear flatty (first time), by the side of the road (first time) and use a gas cannister to re-inflate (first time). I didn't bother timing myself ;o) I did manage to do it without calling for help, although I did blaspheme quite a bit so I don't think I would have got much help from on high if I had called for that sort of help!... Anyhow, all I injured was my right pinkie (although did nearly freeze my fingers off when I reinflated - wasn't quite expecting the gas to come out like that!), so that was about it. This little incident though did stall me from my little bimble out and not wanting to venture far without any further spare I decided to have a wander around some country lanes before heading back to the club. So ended up doing about 22k I think in about an hour. A bit different from today! At least I got the puncture out of the way yesterday :o) Then watched our ladies first team win a friendly hockey game - good start to the season! I then reccied the bike route, came home and had a good friend come over for pizza and gossip... so a good day all in all despite the flatty - I put that one down to experience :o)

Right I'm out of cheese, bread and olives.. so I'd best be off as it must be time for my chocolate brownies and ice-cream.... back to healthy eating tomorrow :o) ... along with that race report! :o)

Oh and just a quick P.S. for Jules - Hope the half-mary went well and the Scottish weather was nice for you (no horizontal rain etc!!)


  1. Yay! Nicely done!!! If you are reloading, where's the BEER :-) I luv my Nan too :-) :-)

  2. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Well done chuckie - these race days are almost second nature to you now. Next week La Santa to catch some rays. Which Half Mar are you doing??

  3. good job. you sound so happy, that rocks!!