Monday, January 07, 2008

Another New Year thought?

OK Perhaps not (I can hear you breath a sigh of relief!)

Although I have been considering why I haven't bothered blogging my 2007 recap? Well partly because I haven't had much time and partly because I have this overwhelming feeling of both achievement and resolution. 2007 was a strange year, but one where personal issues have been resolved, where I have completed a journey and one where new adventures have begun. So I guess 2007 is still somewhat W.I.P?! Of course from a sporting point of view I've been thrilled with my first season in tri - the lifestyle triathlon brings is such a healthy one, and the people you meet along the way add to the benefits - it's not just a sport it's a lifestyle, it's a choice for goodness. At least that's what it provides to me.

So enough of 2007 recap - As long as I get past this weekend without breaking my hand I'll be happy (as you may recall I broke my right hand in a MTB accident last January and the equivalent event is on this weekend - luckily a different venue - but I think I'll test my luck and do it all the same ;o)

Since I've got over the lurgy I've hit back at the training schedule. I'm now just starting Prep Phase 2 Week 1. I've had to mix a couple of things up due to missing my half-mary 2hr LSR the week before. So I've added this to this week, whilst keeping the hours training the same. I actually managed the 2hr run on Saturday, a nice day for it. Quite surprised myself with (a) achieving the full 2hours (b) running 18km easy in that time and (c) not really suffering too much post run. Having said that I woke up Sunday with a sore (really sore) right knee which sort of ruled out my intended 2hr road session on Biancha. Fear not however as I headed to the gym and sat on a static bike (AGH!) for a whole hour.. yuk! ... Still I managed it and followed it up with a 45min swim - which was an ok session but not fab.

The DOMS then really set in whilst I sat on the sofa yesterday evening - but thankfully a good sleep last night led to somewhat easier legs, particularly knee today. Made it to the gym this evening for some strength work. Given the new phase of training means the strength is indeed becoming strength sessions as the reps get less but the weights got more. Enjoyed the session and hung in for an hour and half in total including some good stretching off. Still not sure about the knee, have two more runs this week, one 45min with 1-3min intervals and one hill rep session. Hummmm.

Summary of week so far (from Saturday);
SWIM: 45mins 1.6k
BIKE: 60mins 33k
RUN: 120mins 18k
Other: 85mins

...and now enough of this dribble it's time for something far more important... Sleep... zzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. If you got any extra Z's, send them to me please... *yawn*

  2. Good work on the 18k. I like the idea of training with time instead of distance.

  3. You're off to a great start on your training plan. Keep at it!