Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A day off!

So I made one of my resolutions to rest when I felt tired (within reason)... and after all the excitement of the last 24hours and the need to disconnect my dishwasher this evening, has led me to believe the today is the day for my weekly rest day. After all I have actually done 7 consecutive days since I got over the lurgy actually when I think of it like that I'm even happier that I've spent this evening yanking the built in dishwasher out and disconnecting it instead of going to the gym or swim session.

Yes the dishwasher - so it did die some months ago - and thus I have been suffering the indignation of actually washing my own dishes recently!!! The new washer is arriving tomorrow so no more wrinkled paws for me ;o) .. It's amazing how many dirty dishes one person and two cats can generate in a day!!!

On to the exciting 24 hours.... well my UK 70.3 Ironman application has been accepted! EK! So it's real now - I'm in - lucky I've started training!!! Better get that count down counter on my blog!

Excitement #2 ... Second holiday booked!! So as you may know I am going, at the end of the month, back to Club La Santa in Lanzarote for a winter training camp. So I thought what better to do then come home from that and then travel to Cananda and go snowboarding! Yippee!! .... Unplanned but highly exciting!! And yes possibly slightly risky for the 70.3 and certainly not in the training plan! But still, life goes on and when presented with an opportunity for fun, laughter and happiness why not go with it?

... yeah as long as I'm wearing the wrist guards and a helmet right!!

Humm.. As for training... Well I went for my scheduled 45min run yesterday morning (luckily between rain showers). The half-mary schedule called for 45min with 1-3min efforts interspersed throughout. It was going well until I got about half way when I started getting the feeling of impending doom... well impending wind actual (of the human rather then meteorological kind!). This then developed into a rather painful stitch. After fighting it for some minutes I eventually slowed, stopped and tried to blow the stitch out... eased a bit, started running and I felt the gas on the move.. moments later I let loose the biggest burp!! A bit embarrassing really doing that in the street - but at least it was in the dawn light so no one could really tell if it was me or the cows in the field... I thought that would be the end of the stitch but frankly it stayed around till the end!! Looking at the splits on my Garmin I'm quite pleased with the interval speed, between 4:30 and 5:30 mins per k... depending on length of effort and probably elevation - somehow the intervals coincided with downhills ;o)

Total 7.2k in 44mins, average 10.4kph Happy with that!

Then just to test my knee out further I went out for a 22min easy run in the evening. All was well I thought until I got up this morning when the joint had seized again a bit overnight. Still at least I've rested it completely today!!

So tomorrow is dishwasher day and then it's Friday. Workouts to do: 1 run (hill session), 1 strength session, 1 bike, 1 swim.... Will I make it!?!


  1. A new dishwasher, oh god, yes!!! ROFL :-) Washing dishes should not be done by human hands!

    Congrats on the great run. You probably still need to ice and ibuprofen it after every run.

    Congrats also on getting accepted to 70.3. Going to have a party!

  2. So awesome that the application is in! Get some rest and a lot of ice.

    Where in Canada are you going snowboarding? I've been skiing in Quebec and it was splendid!

  3. That does sound like a lot of excitement. Glad to hear that you got into the halfIM you wanted. You have plenty of time to train for it, so go have some fun and enjoy that new dishwasher.