Monday, January 28, 2008


OK so just a quick post.....

Last week... still had lurgy for start of training week - which includes my heavy sat/ sun schedule.. so scores on the doors was 5.5hrs from 10.5hrs... ok given I didn't even venture out till Monday and that was for a 30min shuffle.

This weekend: Well have got myself in a bit of a pickle with my training schedule due to the illness... most relevant training is obviously my running to build me up to half Mary in March.. dilemma was that this weekends schedule said a 10k race, but I missed the 2hour LSR from the weekend before and also missed hill reps during the week. Humm so thought about it and given I've done 2*2hour runs that my endurance is ok so need to concentrate on speed... so opted for 15*Hill reps which given run out to where I did them and back ended up being an hour 5mins for something like 9k..... The yesterday, with a glorious sunny winters day I decided I needed to get out on Bianca (despite the fact I had an ugly hangover because of a lavish meal I had Sat night)... anyhow, aimed at spinning the legs - 47k in 2 hours - got in just as the sun went down (getting right old chilly then too!).

Oh so yes the post was going to be short... so to the title...Well I blame Julian (occasional blog commentor) .... He suggested I apply for an age group slot for the GB team for the European Triathlon Union (ETU) champs... HA! They've only gone and accepted me... LARGE GULP! Let's face it it's only because there aren't that many people in my age group!!! HA HA HA.... So my planned Oly distance in May has moved out a week and going to be ETU Age Group championship in Lisbon instead... YOU'VE GOT TO LAUGH (well I am hysterically right now)
...As I said it's Julian's fault... I'll be having words with him when I get to La Santa I can tell you!!

Training today - nil... sleep required from weekend exploits and have only 3 working days in this week before hols... (read 3 days of mild manic panic!)... In the words of my esteamed blogging collegue Wes... train like a champion (or in my case today .. NOT)


  1. 47k in 2 hours.. thats a nice pace. Thats great news on the ETU acceptance! A lil' extra motivation to train.

    Oh btw.. I meant to ask you. I heard something today about McDonalds being approved to give A-levels in the UK. Is that true? Thats insane!
    *Edit that was true.. Here is the story

  2.! You are going to Lisbon to tri? That is fantastic! Lucky, lucky you! That will be a fantastic experience, and I'm so excited for you!!

  3. In the great words of Cliff - Congratulations!!!! What else can I say except WELL DONE!