Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quick update

Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!

Still not over the cold - very frustrating... GRRRRR... but I do think I'm on the way back up again.

Got to Weds and thought I'd try a strength session before a swim... made it through that but couldn't face the swim as just felt to groggy - better to not do to much too soon I thought.

So got to Thurs, felt just like I had a head cold really and so consulted by tri book "if symptoms are in the head then go ahead train Zones 1 and 2, if symptoms are throat or below then do not train"... humm so I thought it'd be ok to try for the gym session and one of the planned runs.. "10mins warmup then 20mins at half marathon pace"... So got on the x-trainer for a warm up before stretching a bit. Then hit the treadmill for a gentle 10mins before upping the pace... and that's when I went all funny. 3mins at my half-mary pace and that was enough - barely hit the stop button in time... YIKES! So that was me done it. Coughed through the night and had no voice at all Friday and generally felt rough all over again.

So I've admitted defeat these last 72hours and not even thought/ bothered about training. HIGHLY frustrating but NOT as frustrating as the fall over of my Sporttrack software package I use to record my training. For some reason which I can't fathom it no longer wants to import anything with a "permission denied" error on import - which is frankly weird. And despite numerous attempts at reinstall the problem still persists. So no training which is as well as I can't record it anyhow!!

Maybe I'll get back to a gentle run tomorrow?



  1. Get healthy girl!

    Permission denied? Sounds like, oh never mind...

    Trail Scat

  2. See if you are getting the same error from your Training Center software. If not, then we know its not the watch. The database file for SportsTrack may be corrupted or something may have happened to it.

  3. thats awful.. hope the cold gets better and you have a decent run