Monday, January 21, 2008

SportTracks Update

Phew! I worked it out so I can train again - lucky!

Just for those who really want to know. Despite moving my logbook and despite deleting everything and reinstalling I was still getting the error message on import... wasn't even taking me to the screen with the GPS watch options in it.

Anyhow - I figured there MUST be another directory or file somewhere with something in it that, when I reinstalled, it was finding - as it didn't ask me to set up a new user or anything like that..... Couldn't find this mystery directory for love nor money - so took a break and had food.. came back and ... ta-da....stumbled upon another zonefive software directory, buried in a hidden directory!... c:/user/appdata/local/zonefivesoftware.... directory - didn't know to look there, let alone think to! Obvious really .. NOT!

Anyhow, once I found it I found "" file .. so moved that into the same place I stashed my logbook.... then reinstalled... and HEY PRESTO! TA-DA! It installed from scratch.. so moved the logbook back, then dared to edit the preference file with my previous "reports" stuff (don't worry just copied and pasted from old text file to new). So I've even got my old reports back to.... ALL IS WELL... I can breath again ;o)

Quite literally actually..... yes I can breath again whilst running that is. So I did a nice slow and easy run this morning, not wanting to go too mad on my first run for a week. Nothing stella, just easy - kinda felt a bit flaky some of the way through but made it around.... and still feel ok tonight ... HURRAH for that too :o)

Decided, given my lengthy day at work and still recovering from lurgy, not to train tonight. I keep on hearing the advice from a hockey buddy of mine in my head ...Yes the great Pikey once said (relatively recently)... "you know Doris you need to take it easy and don't go back too hard too soon, or you'll just end up being ill for longer like last summer"... [ED: Did I ever mention my hockey nickname is Doris before.. humm anyhow].. so not to upset the create Pikester I've decided to sit back and take things easy tonight! Planning a RUN again in the morning - why not!

Monday Run: Very easy 4.5k in a relaxing 28mins!


  1. Great news, Doris! Glad to hear you are feeling well enough to get out there and run! But yea, take it easy so the lurgy doesn't come back to bite ya!! :-)

    Doris, Doris, Doris :-)

  2. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Glad you are feeling better my child!

  3. Ah.. the joys of recovering data!

    Glad you feeling better and back training!

  4. Computers, eh! I've just managed to work out how to view your blog out of preview pane - why it was doing that, I'll never know! I've linked you now so I can follow your training - a Tri, WOW. I don't mind the running and swimming, I'm just not so good on bikes. Anyway, glad to hear you're on the mend, take it easy and ease yourself back gently - I know, easier said than done!