Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Home! :o)

I'm back! :o)

In one piece!!!


I will do a complete download of both the la santa camp and snowboarding a bit later. Landed at 7.30am yesterday and went straight in to work (what jet-lag...)...... made it to 4pm then had to head home (oh there is the jet-lag!)... Have managed to sleep/ pass out all night long which is good although I'm not quite sure whether I want breakfast, lunch, dinner or something else?!

In summary of Canada - well I can't say enough GREAT things about both Tremblant and Montreal. Put simply it was a FANTASTIC holiday and a brilliant place to visit. Although it was shudderingly cold up the mountain I won't go on about it as really if you prepare it's ok (ie have no bit of skin showing!), but hey you expect that this time of year. Yes it was -26 or more but yes it was very manageable and despite the temp I'd recommend Tremblant to anyone.

OK got to go and figure out what time of day it is and get to work..... photo's etc later!

IT's great to be back .... apart from the whole work thing! ;o)


  1. Yay! I'm glad you didn't run into a tree in Canada :-) Welcome home!!

  2. JulesR3:14 pm

    For anyone who's missed Karen while she's been away, there's a swim video clip of her in Lanzarote action on:


    Swim fishy swim!

    Welcome back:)

  3. ooh.. you were in Tremblant. I've been there several times and love it. The trails are the best! And its not bad in the summer either..
    (Check out my summer post: