Thursday, February 28, 2008

No wonder I'm worried

I have a half Marathon on Sunday

I hurt my back 1 Feb and haven't done more then a 60min run since

I felt **GREAT** during my training in December and January

I feel **WEAK** now

I've just looked at my running chart... it doesn't read good...

December 82k
January 90k
February 43k

... There's taper .... and then there's taper :o(

I was *hoping* to come in around the 2hour mark...

I did a 1 hr session last sat 10mins easy then 10mins at half pace and repeat*three

... I nearly died.... my HR was HUGE at the end of each 10min session

At the end of Jan I felt strong....

.... now I feel weak......

I'm not going to have a race strategy as such... I may even wear my Garmin.... I just want to finish and hope that in so doing I neither get injured, I would say also hope that it doesn't hurt too much... but who am I trying to kid - it's a race ain't it!!! I would *hope* I can get a PB..... <2:10 I can dream of <2:05....

I consider myself marked down .. "could try harder"

I wonder if my physio appt tomorrow will somehow give me an extra boost?!


I must sleep and stop even thinking about it already....

.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Just go do your best and let what happens, happen.

  2. Wes is the man for advice! Just do your best!! You can't look back now!