Friday, March 21, 2008

Muntjac's and all that....

Well it's Good Friday which means quite a lot to religious people.... and to me a day off work and weekend trip to

(Atlanta for the uninitiated)

Which is good as the forecast here is for cold, rain and perhaps snow!

It's been quarter end at work so it has been a bit busy (how rude ;o) ..) but I did manage to get out on Rockie and ride to/ from work on Tuesday which was great. The most fabulous thing about it was the journey home. I left work just before 7pm, the sun had just gone down - so with lots of lights and full reflective gear I set off.....

The first 10mins or so I travel off road through a wood - amazing to see one, then two ..oh three no four Muntjac deers.. eyes reflecting brightly from the beam of my headlight. They were just in the path, I don't think they could quite work out what I was, just as I got to them they took off through the forest. Brilliant to have seen such lovely shy creatures, the kind of thing which just makes you smile and know there's more to corporate life!

I cycled on through a small town and went off road again by some lakes, where I saw another one....... then got back on road up the beastly hill to have the pleasure of coming across another couple on the way up. They were in someone's front garden and leapt out across the road in front of me heading in to some woods. They got to the other side and hovered around just through a fence, again eyes reflecting back, almost looking at me with the same wonder that I was looking in. What a glorious journey home. I felt very lucky when I got in on Tuesday evening.

The rest of the week has not been so exciting since! Although I can admit to setting another training pb of sorts on my brick yesterday morning; 35mins on my turbo (including 5*(3-2) intervals) run 10k pace off for 10mins then 5 warm-down jog. So as we know I'm not quite sure what my "10k pace" is. My predicted 10k time based on my half mary time is something like 55:30.00 which makes my pace something like a 5:30 per k.. .humm... so went out and just ran for 10mins... oops made it to the 2k marker which meant I did 5:00 per k pace.... I haven't been that fast, possibly ever but certainly not for quite a few years. But yes I'm not sure there were another 8k at that pace inside me. Still I feel like I'm getting faster therefore I am!! Maybe that winter running has been worth it!!

Well I'd better go and pack my bag! Wes and Akshaye - I'll email about the run on Sunday... if I can't make it for a run then maybe I can catch up with you for a quick post run Gatorade?


  1. Have a safe trip. Should be a lovely-ish weekend in Atlanta.

  2. Sure thing .. just let us know!

    Have a great flight.

  3. Have a safe trip. Your training looks like it has been going really well. Good job!

    ...and you are right, there is far more to life than a corporate career.

  4. Do Muntjac's taste like chicken?