Sunday, March 09, 2008

Strange things you see...

...when you're out riding on a Sunday afternoon.. I'll get to that in a mo but first let me tell you of my "incident" yesterday.

All wrapped up and ready to get out on Bianca, winter leggings, gloves, rain jacket and extra arms tucked in my pocket... you can picture the scene right... Had a 1.5hour session planned; 30min W-Up and W-Down with 2' intervals (1' rest) in the middle 30. .... so all keen and ready to go right... lock up the right foot, push off the left.. hear the rear brake rubbing a bit... best to sort that out before you start right..... YEAH RIGHT AS LONG AS YOU TAKE YOUR RIGHT FOOT OUT BEFORE YOU PUT IN DOWN....


Needless to say I did the inevitably shoulder roll as I hit the floor with a bang, a whole 1.2meters (according to Garmin) from my front door!.... Me; a bit battered and bruised - you should see the bruising on my derriere ... how I hear you cry... can you possibly bruise (big, deep purple about 2inches long) ones arse falling side ways off a bike.... yes good question, I'd like to know too .. I suspect it had something to do with the saddle which came off worse then me... well with 70ks of Karen falling on a part of it (I guess) I created enough torsion to pop the top of the saddle off of the metal bit (which attaches to the seat post retainer thing!).... Ouch and Oh! So spent the next hour with a neighbour having a cup of tea waiting for her husband (the local fixer!) to see if he could fix it. He couldn't.... but after visiting two bike shops someone could! I'm not sure if anyone saw me to it - I must have look really quite funny!!

Anyhow - after all that I had to rush off so ended up doing my bike later on in the gym (of all places)... not ideal but still got it done!

As a (just) reward I did indulge in a glass of vino bubbly at a 40th party last night.... Alas I indulged perhaps a bit too much. But Nature looked to reek its revenge on me when I went out for my bike today....

Which brings me back to the title.... As I cycled along, minding my own business down this country lane - just me and Bianca and the impending dark clouds... I looked down and saw what I thought was a road kill coming up in the middle of the road.... Getting prepared to avoid it I saw it looked pretty fresh - it was only getting closer to it did I realise it was actually a joint of beef! How strange right... but not as strange as seeing another one (this time less splattered) at the edge of the road about 100m further on. Still all wrapped up and actually looking quite fresh!! So that was doubly strange... until I saw the final one another 100m on. How do you lose 3 beef joints from your car?!

Now I was expecting some things on my ride today... I was expecting to overcome my hangover at some point, I did expect to feel a bit weary at the end, I did expect it to be a bit blowy (we have a weather warning out for gale force winds), I was thinking I may get a bit wet due to the occasional shower.. BUT WHERE DID IT SAY IT WAS GOING TO HAIL!???

Have you ever cycled in hail before? Hummm ok, so hailstones blowing in from the side isn't great, but isn't too bad. Blowing in from behind and on you back isn't good but acceptable... but come on, blowing straight at you, right in to your face... is a bit darn rude - like I need that kinda exfoliation when I'm 35k in to the ride! Not on your nellie do I need it. At this point I started singing "riders in the storm" as that was the only song that came to mind!.... Finally got home having suffered 1 long hailstorm and 1 shorter one (how rude), so my 2:30 ride was shortened slightly to 2:15. Had a swift change and went out for an "easy" trot for 15mins (and 2.5k)!

OK - while I've been blogging I've had Crufts on.... it's the final final - the audience is quiet.... the judge is judging AND THE WINNER IS
The Giant Schnauzer!... nah I never heard of it before now either!... Actually he's not bad looking ...the dog not the owner ;o)

Here's what one looks like;
See you even get the winner of Crufts on line as it happens - all part of my friendly service!


  1. Sarah and I were discussing the whole falling over thing this morning. Everybody does it, even veterans, it seems. Some of us just do it with more aplomb :-)

    How perfectly dreadful the nasty English weather decided to HAIL on your bike ride! What an arse!! I do admire you so for gritting it out!!

  2. ... I only gritted it out cos I was miles from anywhere!!!... If I was within touching distance of a pub at the time I would have sheltered in there - seems a reasonable excuse!! ;o)

  3. Owie!!! Owie!!! Owie!!! Falling off a bike always leads to painful and interesting discolorations. Hope you heal up soon!!

    (Side note - this is why I ride my scooter in full gear even though not everyone does - imagine crashing going faster...yikes!)

    And, actually, I have ridden once when it started hailing. Luckily I wasn't too far from home. That stuff HURTS!!!

  4. Oops.. hope the bruise doesn't hurt too bad! Hail on my face - cant say I fancy it too much either.

    Thats so great that you will be here. I'd love to hook up and train. Which week in April are you here? I am out of town between April 13-18 so I hope its not then!

  5. JulesR3:23 pm

    Hope you didn't forget to log the 1.2 metres ;)

  6. Hey girl!

    I don't have yo email address no mo, but if you come to Atlanta for a week, and I don't get to see you, I'm going to be horribly disappointed ;-) Even better, you can drive 30 minutes north of Atlanta and come to my place so I can buy you a pint :-D

  7. Oh.. thats too bad the dates coincide. You still coming here for Easter? Should be a decent weekend weather wise.

  8. And btw.. just checked your dates for April again.. there is a little window on either side that I am in town for. I realize that may be busy for you so let me know. I leave April 13 in the afternoon and return April 18 (afternoon).

  9. Oh dear, that's one funny story - the falling off the bike I mean, the hail, no that's not funny at all.

    Seriously, three joints of beef?! That's weird.