Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The week that was

So this will just be a short training recap from last week - I may then do another post about this week, so don't be surprised to be missing the excitement of two posts in two days or something ;o)

Here was my programme;
Mon: Swim
Tue: Run (45mins hill session, including 5*3' intervals with 2' recovery)
Weds: Swim (Tri Club)
Thurs: Body Balance or Yogalates etc
Fri: Rest up and relax
Sat: Bike 1.5hrs; 60' easy then 15*1' intervals with 1' recovery
Run off bike; 5' PDQ then 5' easy/ warmdown
Sun: Bike 2.5hrs easy
Run off bike 15' easy

Humm how do you think I did?!... Well started the week with a cold so was dosing myself with decongestant/ Beechams-all-in-one (which actually seemed to work!).... Pleased to say though that I did the lot, although swapped Tuesday and Thursday around (thought running would be better done later given the lurgy I was getting over). The yogalates was funny - followed 60mins of a programme on DVD at home... how on earth do those people get so flexible ;oO

Saturday's ride was very sweet, despite the fact that the heavens opened 15' out and remained open through the remaining hour or so. Still my brick showed surprising results. I went out for 5mins as fast as I could and cracked just over the 1k mark in the time - brilliant and the best I've done in years.

Sunday however was a slightly different story.... The heavens were heaving again, it stayed grey and dark through the whole day and the wind was up. Now I've done well recently riding in these conditions (even the odd hail storm), but going out in it to start with, knowing it's not going to get any brighter and frankly thinking it was probably a little dangerous, made me have second thoughts.. and third and fourth. Eventually therefore I concluded that the indoor turbo trainer was the only option. Yes a 2.5 hour turbo session... I MUST HAVE BEEN CRAZY!.... I put "the road to perdition" on the DVD and settled down (on the saddle).

Now - take a look at this...
per·di·tion [per-dish-uhn] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation –noun
1.a state of final spiritual ruin; loss of the soul; damnation.
2.the future state of the wicked.
3.hell (def. 1).
4.utter destruction or ruin.
5.Obsolete. loss.

Obviously in selecting this DVD I was having some form of psychic moment... for some 2 hours later I was indeed in a state of destruction and ruin... mentally I mean. OMG. It was awful. Just being inside, I think, was the problem. Even now I'm shuddering at the memory. Never again. If I have a 2+hour ride to do in future, well come hail or shine I shall go outside (i draw the line at snow - although considering it I could do it on the old mountain bike even in the snow). I didn't quite make the 2.5hours, fitting in 2.25 instead. The 15minute run after the bike was welcome relief (as I went outside into the wind and rain!)

So in summary the week was a good one. Total of just over 8 hours as follows;
Swim: 1:57:00 for 3.1k
Bike: 3:54:21 for 84.67k (estimated turbo at slow 20kph)
Run: 1:11:08 for 11.73k
Other: 1:03:00


  1. JulesR1:32 pm

    That's a super week's training Karen - very well done. Is Yogalates a new healthy ice cream flavour?

  2. LOL... Yea, I've pretty much drawn the line at riding on the trainer for more than an hour, although I'm sure my day is coming. Perdition indeed!

    Akshaye and I are setting up an 8 mile run Sunday at Sweetwater State Park in Lithia Springs, GA (just outside of Atlanta). We wanted to make sure you were invited, since we hear you are going to be in town :-)

  3. I'm with Wes. One hour on the trainer max. thats all that I can handle...

  4. Never been on the trainer.. usually its outdoors or bust for me!

    I see that Wes already told you about our planned run. Let me know if you want to join us or if you need a ride to get there. qggdp