Monday, July 07, 2008

Wakefield 08 Race Report (shortie)

This will be a quick one I promise!!

As we know (from my previous blog) I went to this race with the feeling of no-mojo! As a result I went to this race with two aims;
1. Transition with shoes on bike (both on to and off of)
2. Enjoyment!

Despite the cool summer temperature (15degrees - rude for July frankly), and unwelcoming yorkshire drizzle (the sort of rain that, although is not hard, just soaks you), I achieved both aims and reclaimed some mojo enroute!

Splits are certainly nothing to write home but, other then the rain, I didn't "suffer" on any part of the race, did it all within capacity with a smile on my face and a friendly "thank you" to all the marshals (who frankly were a looking a lot more miserable in that weather!)

Swim: 00:30:34
T1: 00:02:41
Bike: 01:33:12
T2: 00:01:46
Run: 00:56:49

Total: 3:05:03

Will write a fuller report in due course! Essentially I'm pleased with the outcome, really glad I didn't feel like death warmed up at the end and finished with a smile on my face and satisfaction I didn't fall off my bike on jumping on or off it (although note I did nearly have a couple of spectacular crashes which I will write about later!!). Not one pb in sight but am not the slightest bit bothered. HURRAH for HAPPY races!! :o)


  1. Love the attitude! And you gained a new skill (shoes on bike). Wooooohooooo!!

  2. Great objectives! Glad you managed to do both!

  3. Sounds like you have some spark back! Glad to hear that you were able to enjoy the whole experience. Meghan and Leslie are fellow bloggers on my blogger buddy side bar. They both went with a "Life is Good" theme for their latest blogs. We must appreciate what we have, not what we want. You have managed to get that mojo back! Hang on to it and spread it around like peanut butter!

  4. That sounds like it was a load of fun... Yea, what's up with that Yorkshire weather. Geez!! Which country is Yorkshire in? Iceland? :-)