Thursday, April 23, 2009

I owe ...

Just a quick one - things have been in a whirlwind I'm well behind on my blog-tastic-blogging.... this is what I owe - shall start getting to it tomorrow, after all I am tapering and so need to take my mind away from the blind panic which awaits Sunday!

I owe Blogland, blogs on the following;

1. Thames Turbo sprint tri race report - how did I get that PB!?
2. London Marathon - to MP3 or not MP3... and if so - what playlist?
3. Collecting your marathon "stuff" including instructions on how to pee standing up (this is aimed at ladies before you start Wes, apparently we're being given a disposable "funnel" to use in the porto-urinals...)

Oh yes and how could I forget
4. What's it feel like to work for a company for 12 years then get taken over, yes it's been a busy week

So if I get those all done in the next 48 hours I sort of saying that'll be a kinda marathon in itself, after which Sunday shall surely be a breeze?!

Nearly Friday - so happy darn nearly Friday to you, I would say let's look forward to the weekend but I'm not yet convinced that I am ;o)


  1. About time they figured out how to get women to pee standing up. Now I can set down and pee...

  2. Hope you have a good weekend. Will wait patiently for the blog posts. :-)