Saturday, April 11, 2009

Reading Half - Photos

Well I say "photo's" in the hope that Blogger will load them today!

First off here's some photo's that Kirsty "The Reemanator" Dawn took between miles 8 and 9;

"FONT" that didn't work..ok I'll try loading one pic at a time...

OK - that is NOT working.... how annoying... so I'm going to have to boot my other laptop up and see if it's a "VISTA being too secure and not letting something out" kinda problem. Sometimes, no most of the time, I don't like Vista - I wonder how I can install XP?!

...oh wait a minute - my laptop must have sensed my protest... here's the first picture.

I had just yelled at Kirsty and Katharine as they hadn't seen me coming, which I think is why the guy with the bike has turned around to see where the noise came from (I'm the white cap person!);
Next - Kirsty achieving what she didn't last time she took a picture of me in a race.... namely me actually in the shot!!
A bit later Kirsty took a picture, Pikey is running to the left of me which was nice company for a bit and allowed me to moan about my hamstring!! The road sign saying "Think! Don't phone whilst driving" doesn't seem terribly apt ;o)

As you can see the course is pretty busy, even after 9 miles!

The next few pictures were taken by the official photographer and as you can see from the watermark I've kinda, cough cough, downloaded and not actually paid for them. So they all come courtesy of

The first couple are Leanne and I; I think these were around the university area so about mile 4. It looks like Leanne and I are out for a morning easy run having a nice chat with a few hundred people following!!

We thought about having a caption competition on this one as we're obviously chatting a bit;

Just about to finish with a huge grin on my face (I still hadn't looked at my watch though! Lucky I had cracked the 2hours or I'd have had a right grump on!). Official time 1:58:41

And then there's the one with the "bling"

I've had a bit of a bad training week, things have been well not getting in the way but have made me lose my training focus a bit. I guess it's lucky I'm starting the taper for London then! I was planning on another 20miler today but have taken advice from a couple of sources who have said two weeks to go and all it can do is hurt me or increase the chances of injury. As I'm paranoid about my calf at the moment that's all the excuses I need so I'm heading off for a 10-12 mile easy today (although I say easy I'll probably try for marathon pace throughout), then a bike tomorrow and run off the bike. More tapering next week.

OH and I forgot about that little sprint tri I have entered this Monday coming; if only I had realised I would need to register between 0600 - 0645 I would have had second thoughts of doing it! But I've paid my money now and there's a few chums doing it so I won't be suffering the early hour on my own!

Right - better go and get my running gear on and get out into the rain! Happy Easter weekend folks!


  1. wow - there's a lot of people at that race!

    thx for sharing the pics! :-)

  2. So that's what a sub-2 hour half marathoner looks like! Awesome!!!! :-)

  3. Loved the photos! I think you are smart to not do the 20-miler this close to the marathon. You will do fine without it and you won't risk an injury.