Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday thoughts

So it's not been a bad week as weeks go.

Neck recovery is progressing well I'm glad to say. I even made it to a club swim night Weds and logged another 30mins and about 1k of swim, drills etc. Stopped after 30 as I was getting a headache and don't want to discourage myself from swimming more.... I must be getting sensible or something in my old age?! Continuing the sensible theme, I headed to the gym Thursday and rather running (bad for neck), I hit the cross trainer for 35mins... small but significant steps... reckon now I've been sensible this week I may well be up for another try and running this weekend!!!

I'm making plans for next season. Reading Half Marathon entry is in, which is excellent as it'll give me something to aim for over the winter. Then it looks like on to Barcelona half iron which is late May... although the entry isn't in for that yet.

I've pretty much decided NOT to find a replacement marathon to London (given I thankfully did not get a place from the ballot), but I am going to try and find at least one if not two 20milers to do as I think the mental strength I gained from the Marathon this year really helped my perfomance in the 70.3s ..... A marathon is a few miles too far in terms of ability to recover and risk of injury. 20miles, sounds nightmarishly horrid but with less risk associated. That's the theory.

Later in the season I have (somehow) managed to qualify again for the European Standard distance champtionships which will be early July so I'll probably do that (it's in Ireland so will be a great 'crack') and then I may look at doing either Antwerp 70.3 again or stay at Std Distance and do London..... got to decide on that yet.... maybe there's something else which will pop up which will appeal??!

Well that's all, just a shortie as it's late.

Wishing you all a great weekend, for those racing GOOD LUCK!


  1. hope you are having a good weekend! It's good to roll plans around and see what shakes out :-)

  2. i love making plans for next season. and now that my A race is over...i can start planning forward!