Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Last week - Summary of getting back to it!

Just a quick one :)

OK so last week was my first 'full' week back since my head dismount off the MTB. Wasn't great but it was a start - and we all must start somewhere.

Swim: Went twice total of 58mins and 1.2miles
Bike: Gym Bike and Spin; approx 69mins and 17.5miles
Run: Cross Trainer and Treadmill (although that was just 5mins!); 39mins and 4.1miles
Other: Body Balance Class - great for flexibilty and core!

3hours 41mins and 7.2 miles.....

This is the volume I was doing just on one day at the weekend at the peak of my training...LOL.... as well I don't have a race soon then ;P

Glad to be back, even if it's only just!

And now I must go swimming - swim camp in two weeks!!!


  1. I recently started focussing on ab strength, a huge weakness of mine. And my Trainer said something really similar "we have to start somewhere. It doesn't matter where the beginning in, where you take it next is what counts" :-)

  2. Well you have to start somewhere. I know that feeling.

  3. Upward trajectory counts for a lot!

  4. Julesr9:13 am

    Except when looking down and seeing mtb handlebars 6 foot below;)