Sunday, October 11, 2009

Return of the sloth

So I have genuinely been away from a computer for over a week so, for once, a real excuse for not blogging ;o)

Physio is carrying on and we're really getting to the crux of the pain, which is a right one in the neck I can tell you ;o)

Regardless of the accident I had already been a little slovenly on the training front, certainly from my race in Bala (13th Sept) I had done one run and that bike ride, clearly I've done nothing since... gulp.. so despite the neck I've been feeling like I really need to get out and do something.... over a month of negligence and let's face it little in the month before Bala (I ddid that event really off the back of the Antwerp half iron at the beginning of August), and I feel my arse is sagging a little lower, my thighs have the feeling of "rub" returning and I do believe a little Muffin top is appearing above my jeans.

As I woke this morning, my belly still a little full from last nights chinese take away, my head a little wolly from a couple of glasses of red I thought... "neck or no neck problem... I'm going for a run"

Expecting it to be uncomfortable I headed out for an "easy" 30mins..... This was likely to be ugly....

Ahem... Off I trotted... Not to be disappointed... Yep within about 300m my legs felt like they were in the last half mile of a half ironman and my lungs were clearly in need of a clear out.

... and I was running down a hill at the time....

I sauntered on, trying to ensure my HR remained at or below 148..... after about 10 my legs felt a bit better, although running in treacle about sums up the feeling.

I carried on around the lake and down a bridle path, turned and headed back. My theory being running on soft ground, even if a little uneven, was better for my whole neck thing. ???.... Hummm.... I approached the end lake end of the bridle path and checked my mileage, clearly I had been running for ages and therefore miles.... oh.... well that wasn't quite true, more like 20mins and 2 miles... but still...I was out there clearly by lungs and body of gloop.

I decided to not worry about my HR as I "charged" back up the hill (ok ok so the hill is more like a large mole hill... cough cough).... got to the top and realised if I were going to do 3 miles I'd need to finish off on the road... BLEAH.... So I headed on to the tarmac for the last half a mile on the road. It wasn't too bad although I was getting some discomfort up the left side of my neck, I think from the pounding tarmac. I struggled around the corner and struggled to keep my HR low enough.... and then I arrived home.

Head and belly a little clearly from the chinese and red wine effect. My lungs and legs wondering wtf had just happened to them... LOL!

Although my "average" HR was at 149 (just one beat over my easy zone), I guess on review I didn't do too good at keeping it at the right point;


I got home, stretched off and placed an ice-pack on my neck and gobbled some ibroprofen. I'm hoping for no reaction, but I do have an appointment at the physio tomorrow anyhow, let's just hope he doesn't tell me off!!!

2.97miles in 29:45 for average of 10:01mins per mile. Next time should feel easier....


  1. Be careful with your neck. Otherwise...well done return to running!

  2. JulesR8:14 pm

    Nice, welcome back but try to stop putting Muffin down your jeans

  3. Glad you are feeling well enough to get out there and run!! :-)