Saturday, October 24, 2009

Running thoughts

I've had a good week :o)

In what only can be described as a surprise move, I've made it to the pool 3 times already! May not be long sessions but read it and weep people.. three swim sessions SO FAR.... and there's a rumour going around the household (between me and the cats) that I may go for another quick 30min dip this evening before indulging in chinese meal followed by stuffing my face with popcorn at the cinema......

But that's not what I wanted to write about....

No, today I managed to run, neck pain free for an hour... WHOOP!

The idea was to have an easy run. I found keeping my HR down around 148 (top of zone 1 line in pic) very difficult. It started out ok but soon crept about 150... I tried slowing down (you can see this in the chart, the pace in blue is going up as I get slower) but still my HR wouldn't go down.

To be fair it felt like an easy run nonetheless and for the most part I was "nose breathing" without a sign off a huff or puff.... so I guess I must have kinda been in the right zone(ish).... Still I completed my hour, expected to have done at least 6 miles but did more like 5.6miles....

Three months ago (when I was halfiron fit as it were), I was doing over 6mph with a HR below 148... I wonder how long it will take me to get back to that.... Hummm... yes maybe a couple of months... YIKES! Pace fades fast!

Whilst I was running I listened to the IMTalk podcast, which I have missed listening to since my ipod broke. I tried it out listenening to it from my Nokia phone with bluetooth enabled handsfree headset! What a wizard bit of kit! It worked so well that even interrupts what you're listening to with in coming calls, and activates the headset/mic.... I think my friend Leanne, who called about mile 4, was somewhat surprised to find that I was out jogging whilst on the call to her. To be honest I probably wouldn't have taken it had I a choice in the matter... No not because I don't like her (!), but because jogging and talking to yourself looks, well, just weird! Still chatted I did, but she said the noise of my footsteps was quite off putting, I think it sounded like the regular pounding of something else???... so she laughed and signed off!!

I finished the run feeling a little light headed. Not sure why. Energy levels were good and my HR wasn't too bad. Perhaps an aftershock from the neck thing, or just a shock thing as it was my longest run since the Bala std distance tri on 13th Sept!!!

Maybe I've miscalculated my HR Zones... I'll take a look at some data from this year and see.... and no I've not done a threshold test in some time (years), that just sounds too painful ;o)

I'm now about 3 hours post run, no aches, no pains, no stiffness, EXCELLENT! I'm a happy camper!

Tomorrow I may go for an hour spin on the bike - outside... GULP..... I didn't realise it but I am, now I think of it, slightly apprehensive about getting on the bike. Clearly I'm not getting on my mountain bike, which remains in shame in the garage. But I shall venture out on the road bike (Biancha mind, not Max), assuming it isn't wet ... as I think that is an unnecessary risk given recent events!!

As Bugs Bunny would say "that's all folks"

Have a great weekend out there :o)

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  1. yay for neck-pain-free running.