Monday, October 12, 2009

Surprise Move...

Yes in a surprise move folks not only do I find myself blogging (for the second day in a row), but.... and far more shocking.... I found myself taking a plunge into the pool at 0700 this morning! :o)

I haven't been swimming in a-g-e-s.... between the Antwerp halfiron and Bala standard distance I went swimming a whole TWO times.... so that's two swims plus a race swim since August 3rd.... OH

I can confirm what I suspected yesterday, my arse is indeed sagging below previous "trifit" levels and certainly seemed to be drooping out of my costume more then is necessary - sorry for shattering anyone's allusion and big apologies for those at the pool........... but it is what it is so tough ;o) ......

I wasn't sure how the neck would respond to crawl and actually it wasn't too bad.... Spotting was out of the question so as well I wasn't attempting a lake swim (not that I would now, they're all pretty much close and it was a chilly 7 degrees when I left this morning).

Rather then try and do a swim set I'd have done in April/May time I decided, sensibly to concentrate on some drills.... and only a 30min swim to ensure I keep motivated and not get bored or disheartened from how crap I'd have got!

I started with 4 * 75 warm up... The initial set was a bit "clunky" and my triceps and swim wings have certainly not just thinned out but clearly disappeared..I soon felt the burn of muscles who weren't used to exercise!! LOL...

I moved on to some kick sets; back and on side for 200m in total before moving to another drill set; 2 * 100m (as 25left arm, 25 right arm, 25 catch-up, 25crawl)...... I like this drill set as it gives variety and now I've realised how to do the one arm stuff is good to establish a better form.

Moved on to a rather weedy main set of a simple 200m front crawl which I surprised myself with, took it very easy/steady and managed to finish in 3:50.... so slightly under what I consider "pah" (ie 2mins per 100m).... after that it was a restful warm down for 100m before heading to the hydrotherapy pool for a relaxing dip.

My neck isn't too bad, the sight of injury is about the only thing in spasm now (rather then my whole back, shoulders and neck)... I have physio today so no doubt that will help calm it down a bit!

All for now! Adoius!

Summary: 30mins, 1000m swim


  1. sighting is over rating. Swim. Be free :-)

  2. Thank you for the motivation. I really need to get in the pool since my knee won't allow me to run anymore. It's so hard to talk myself into getting in the water, but once I'm in I always enjoy it.