Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year and Bolivia!

Hey I'm back from Bolivia!

So I'll write a couple of "abridged" Bolivia trip reviews and save to post over the weekend....

but in the meantime...


2009 has been a year of change for me personally.... something I predicted a year ago. So I'll make another prediction... 2010 is going to be a FAB year and I'm certain about that on many fronts! :o)

So to you all - I wish you health, wealth, happiness and good fortune! May the sun shine on you and your family, take joy in whatever you do!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

A small world...

Greetings from Bolivia!!

Yes got away from the winter nasty grey skies and have headed west to miami, for a brief 6 hours, then south to Bolivia!!

I feel so lucky and privileged to get to experience such things.

I'm just on the start of my two week stay, I left home over 24hours ago and can't yet check in to my room.... But hey with the power of a phone and free wifi here I am... What small techno world we live in!! Although writing this from a phone is .... Errr.... Well... Interesting!!.... So I won't keep it long for fear of rsi in my thumbs!

Am here in La Paz for a few days, meeting up with some friends later today and then we shall plan our excursions!!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Letter of the day..... A


Yes today's letter is..... (drum roll)....


Aaah what? I hear... yes the letter A


ICS Alpha.svg Semaphore Alpha.svg ⠁
Signal flag Flag semaphore Braille

Wiki had quite a bit to say about "A" but I'd rather just leave it at this...

Without "A" our (well those who use the Latin Alphabet) we wouldn't be able to start the journey through our alphabet, fancy starting with B?!

We'd also be a vowel short and some words would look really odd!

We can surprise someone, catch them out and shout "A-ha!"

We can look at a baby and say "Ahhh"

Or scream and say "AAaaaaaahhhh!"

and what would Mwaaaahhh be without the "A"?

A is the Alpha of the Alphabet (well if you're into your Nato phonetics at least)

Tomorrow is a new day, and maybe A nother letter?