Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Letter of the day..... A


Yes today's letter is..... (drum roll)....


Aaah what? I hear... yes the letter A


ICS Alpha.svg Semaphore Alpha.svg ⠁
Signal flag Flag semaphore Braille

Wiki had quite a bit to say about "A" but I'd rather just leave it at this...

Without "A" our (well those who use the Latin Alphabet) we wouldn't be able to start the journey through our alphabet, fancy starting with B?!

We'd also be a vowel short and some words would look really odd!

We can surprise someone, catch them out and shout "A-ha!"

We can look at a baby and say "Ahhh"

Or scream and say "AAaaaaaahhhh!"

and what would Mwaaaahhh be without the "A"?

A is the Alpha of the Alphabet (well if you're into your Nato phonetics at least)

Tomorrow is a new day, and maybe A nother letter?

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  1. Kirsty Dawn9:50 pm

    A is for Anniversary Pie...?