Sunday, May 02, 2010

April Totals

Yowza... So I couldn't run so did I hit the bike or did I hit the bike?!....

Courtesy of here are the monthly totals for March then April;

  • March
    • Run - 11 - 21.1 mi - 3.8 hrs
    • Swim - 6 - 6.5 mi - 4.2 hrs
    • Bike - 17 - 356.5 mi - 24.8 hrs
    • Cross - 13 - 2.7 mi - 5.6 hrs
    • Total - 47 - 386.8 mi - 38.4 hrs

  • April
    • Run - 9 - 18.7 mi - 4.4 hrs
    • Swim - 9 - 13.6 mi - 7.7 hrs
    • Bike - 18 - 375.6 mi - 27.1 hrs
    • Cross - 15 - 6.9 mi - 7.0 hrs
    • Total - 51 - 414.8 mi - 46.2 hrs
    So let's exclude the "cross" for a minute which generally consists of stretching or trips to the physio or sports massage guy... Total compared to March is..UP UP UP! "Run" is actually my cross trainer/ rowing sessions.

  • Happy with the month. Despite not running and being laid low for a couple of days with lurgy it all went well and gvien last week was my recovery week this week I've felt relatively fresh (as well as the next two weeks will be a little ... WAHHHHHHH ish!, before I have a recovery week again!)

    The month of May will be a weird one. I am "doing", well going would be more accurate to Challenge  Barcelona  70.3 in two weeks. Clearly I will be having my second "DNF" ever, and second "DNF" of the season as, despite my first run being Friday just gone, there's no way a half marathon in these quads! Still as Jules and Anita are going for good times (this is a FLAT course) then it would be rude not to participate a bit and enjoy a small beer or two the day after... I feel like I need a couple of days break anyhow so it will be good to get away .... plan is to race as flat out as possible the swim and bike bit just to see where I'm at.

    My main aim for May is to get running... my "go/ no go" decision on Copenhagen is 24th May, if I'm up to an hour running by then then I'm in, if not, well I'll probably just cry and sort out an alternative.  Assuming the lake water gets warmer I'd also like to get the distance done in my wetsuit outdoors during May, but that will be weather dependant.... Bike... well just keep on motoring!!


    1. Good stuff, Doris! Keep your spirits high and doing all the right things. What ever will be will be :-)

    2. Wow, that is a LOT of bike miles!!!