Monday, May 24, 2010

It's coming - honest

So we know I can be a bit tardy on the old race report... but I've started it - honestly - the preamble (aka the boring part ...LOL...) is done... Just got to do the race day report; but we at least know how it finished!!

So a quick update on the bangs, bruises and cuts;

My main leg shredded bits are out into the open air.... they're not too bad. My thigh bruise is by far the biggest; about the size of my hand - and believe me I have quite bit paws (and big thighs for that matter). My right knee got the hardest knock I think, well other then my right heel.... the right knee scab is out in the air (sorry probably too much detail!).... but it's quite sore underneath, still a bit puffy so think there's some bruising to come out yet.

My right heel is a bit ouchie to run on (I did try an 25min light jog yesterday).... so won't be putting too much weight through that for few more days yet... as for the holes on my right toe... barf is all I'll say!! Hopefully these will start healing better soon as I want to get back in the pool and lake!!

As for the seasons goal - well yes Challenge Copenhagen is now off - we all know 2 weeks out in your final 13 weeks is really a dodgey thing, especially given I was only just starting to run properly from my other foot injury. BUT ALL IS NOT LOST. The nice people at Challenge have said they're refund my Copenhagen money and they have slots still at Barcelona!! YEAH! So I've got to enter but the plan now is for Barcelona in October which should work perfectly :O)

All for now - have a great week!

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  1. I lurves nice race peeps! Glad to hear you are healing nicely! I prescribe more wine!