Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sometimes you have to laugh...

So thankfully my Sunday lurgy was just that... .a lurgy that lasted 24 hours.... and with the benefit of Marmite on toast and some pea and mint soup I seem to have recovered swiftly.

To make up (kinda) for the lack of 4 hour ride on Sunday and the fact I really didn't need a recovery day yesterday I took myself for an easy jog for breakfast, just to see how I was .... well.. turned out I was good and I was rewarded for my efforts with seeing a deer run out right in front of me on the bridle path... Nice!

Given there were no bad side effects and I a good full day of work I decided to head on to the turbo for a spot of Tour De France recap inspiration and spun my legs for an hour. Nothing too strenuous. So that was good too!

And then we come to today.... so I decided given my freshness of no long bikey at the weekend I'd do a commute on my cross bike, having recently repaired my rear flat it was all good to go....

... I woke up, got myself ready, got my bike ready, packed my mini work bum-bag... looked for my bike shoes. Bike shoes... cross bike shoes... I have roadie shoes.. but where were my x-bike shoes... I hunted hight and low... Kitten tried to help (aka hinder)... I was at the point of thinking I'd have to either drive or ride a roadie in (gasp in that traffic - talk about scarey).... and then for some reason I thought I'd just check that the weren't in the car... as you do after looking in every room twice... clearly they were there... (WHY!? I can only put that down to a karenism)... oh how I laughed... so I hopped on my bike and off I set for work (VERY LATE).

Got to work = GOOD

Was parking my bike up in the bike locker and heard what I thought was a snake hissing at me. I turned round and thought... "wait that ain't right... you're in an office parking garage in a bike locker"... I locked suspeciously at my bike, bending my ear to the rear (as it were).... yep hissing Sid was in fact my rear.... GOD DAMN! There's me thinking I had done well with that puncture repair the other day.... I then quickly located a stone chip piercing the tyre... so I pulled it out only for the hissing to go up a notch or three... Ho Hum I thought... at least I know how to get the rear wheel out now......

So I left the bike to flatten and headed up the elevator to work, having carefully stashed a suit (skirt and trouser option..... luckily).... I grabbed my shower bag and then I realised.... UH OH.... Ummm yep I'd forgotten to pre-pack or take with me any... well ... pants (aka underwear not trousers for you Yanks).... Oh dear.. So I had intended to wear the skirt... but clearly this wasn't going to be a Fatal Attraction kinda day..... So I had my shower and ahem... put on my trousers commando style... Clearly I did not tell anyone what I was up to (or why I had no VPL!)... gasp....

Lunchtime came and I thought I'd better go and see the bikey to make sure I could fix the puncture, thus ensuring that if I couldn't I had plenty of opportunity to pester someone for a lift home. So armed with a road bike inner tube and a small hand pump and a tyre lever I set about it ...picture the scene.... office underground car park, smart suited lady (Austin Reed no less) in high heels enters the bike cage.. expertly removes the rear wheel, gets the tyre loosened, rips out the inner tube, replaces with another (although skinnier).. replaces tyre, replaces wheel in bike.... bends over and gets pumping.... pump! pump! pump! Blinkin pump... I cursed my decision not to have packed my gas cannister.... I was bent over my rear (wheel) for some considerable time pumping away I can tell you ... and in my high heels and suit I did work up a bit of a sweat.... it was only a matter of time before the security guard turned up..... which he did ... I don't think he was checking out my arse - just what I was up to in the bike cage.... sigh.... I got back up to work, with a certain glow about me and dirty hands. Job done (so to speak)

The rest of the day has thankfully passed uneventful.... I even cycled home and the rear wheel (with the wrong size inner and hand pumped) survived the journey home.... and just for good measure as I cycled down the bridle track in the last mile home I saw some wild horses over in the park :)

And for the record - I'm not putting down last weeks training stats... too depressing, single digit laziness... it was not a week of Iron last week that's for sure!


  1. clearly they were there... (WHY!? I can only put that down to a karenism)...

    I suspect Dorismo... :-) Goin commando is just sumfin us endies have to endure... It's like swim bike run! :-D

  2. Overcoming obstacles like these just adds to the IronMan training. You're mentally preparing to do whatever it takes. :-)