Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Two Weeks?

So where did the last two weeks go ... .and how come I've not blogged in that time?


Did I get taken away by aliens or something?

I couldn't even tell you what I've been up to!! That's not great ...I do know that last week I lost my Irongirl mo-jo; partly due to late cancellation of my 100m TT which I had been getting syched up for, partly because work was quarter end and partly because I know not what. My coach sort of said a couple of months ago that this may happen... so I kinda went with the flow and have tried not to stress about it :o) !

Did manage to find myself a triathlon to do (instead of the TT)... it was a great day, great race,  and for the first time this season I actually finished! Did have a spot of Asthama which is continuing to irritate me now (can you tell I'm a bit grumpy?!?,... Humpf!).... but established I can exercise as long as it's early morning as that's when the asthma seems more under controlled, by the afternoon simply forget it.

It's frustrating.

But still.... here's June total... not too bad given I had one weekend of nothing and entered the month injured... Now I look at it actually it wasn't a bad month; Run was UP (great to be running again, fingers crossed that I keep injury free), swim was UP (I'm going to the lake more now, avoiding the pool so don't niggle my foot injury); Bike was DOWN but that's ok, I had one weekend when I didn't get on my bike which would count for that!... and if nothing else it has been the world cup so plenty of excuse to sit on my backside and watch footy (although not necessarily quality footy in the case of England.. ha ha ha)

Here's the numbers;

  • Jun
    • Run - 9 - 36.6 mi - 5.8 hrs
    • Swim - 10 - 14.4 mi - 6.3 hrs
    • Bike - 16 - 340.9 mi - 22.4 hrs
    • Cross - 10 - 0.2 mi - 3.2 hrs
    • Total - 45 - 392.1 mi - 37.7 hrs

  • May
    • Run - 11 - 22.3 mi - 4.9 hrs
    • Swim - 4 - 5.2 mi - 3.1 hrs
    • Bike - 16 - 484.5 mi - 32.8 hrs
    • Cross - 8 - 0.0 mi - 3.3 hrs
    • Total - 39 - 512.1 mi - 44.0 hrs

  • I'm 6 days into July and it's time to get back with it :0) ... assuming the footy doesn't distract me too much...

    ... and yes ... a race report is due ;o)

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    1. it's nice to see the run and swim numbers heading up!