Wednesday, April 25, 2012

113 Week 3 & 4

Weeks 3 & 4 seem to have whizzed by!

After Week 2 I was pretty happy apart from my lack of biking so wanted to ensure I put some good mileage in during week 3, whilst maintaining my consistency on the swim and run front.

Week 3:
Well the good news is that I did get in 3 bike session; 2 * 1 hour TrainerRoad turbo sessions followed by a rather poor attempt at road biking (45mins to recover my car which I had parked up at work on the Saturday - is was poor ride for 2 reasons - (1) It was into a vicious head wind the whole way, which clearly wasn't my fault and (2) I had a stinking hangover, which was my fault!!)

I also got in my 2 planned run sessions; usually I try and do one interval type session and one longer run which has some short intervals/ strides in it. These both went to plan so all good there to.

Given my swimming hit all the buttons during week 2 it went in slight reverse in Week 3 with number of sessions = 2 (rather the 3).... Basically I juggled my week and ended up prioritising the run and bike over swimming so one less session and neither for as long as I had planned.

I had a couple of short yoga/ core/ stretch sessions to. So totalled the week with 6hrs 30mins of training. Slightly up from the week before and a far cry from by iron man training weeks of 10+ hours - lucky I'm only doing a half then!!

Week 4:
Started this with a yoga session before flying up to Scotland for a few days with work.... didn't bother packing my run stuff which was as well because basically outside of work I just fed my face! Got back on Wednesday evening and jumped on the turbo for what ended up being a rather tiring and barf inducing TrainerRoad turbo session (this was instead of the run which I had planned)... Thursday I had planned a run/ swim day, got the run (intervals) done in the but somehow failed to get a swim in. Friday I woke up pretty much unable to walk due to my right calf being tighter then a tight elastic band on a tight day. Basically the lack of movement in the calf was pulling on my achilles and hurting.... so I made this day a rehab day with some yoga in the morning and a hard session with a tennis ball into my legs in the evening. Decided that given the calf strain I picked up last year that I didn't want to risk a long run at all at the weekend so made it a double bike weekend instead.... so this lead to club ride on Saturday (much cake was ate at the end!) and then a rather hilly 100k Sportive I had already entered on Sunday.

Swimming clearly missed out completely.... number of sessions = 0, zip, nadda.... Basically I juggled my week and ended up prioritising the run, bike and calf injury over swimming so basically that was a bit rubbish really. 

Total time though clearly leaped up to just over 9 hours - not difficult given I was on my bum peddling up and over the Chilterns for 4hrs30 on Sunday!

Given I had a few days off last week I don't feel an immediate need for a recovery week this week - although I was poopped on Monday I have to say. Off to the massage man today to give my legs a proper going over then I may get back to running - although I may hit the cross trainer instead.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

113 week 2

Ok so no blog for week 1.... That was because when we got back from Cornwall I had a cold and then out of control asthma.... So basically my 13 week panic training plan didn't start so well... And hence I am not even bothering to capture week 1....

Week 2 then....

So all in all, given it was the first week after the quarter ended and I am an accountant (hence a rather stressful work week... See how I'm getting my excuses in early.....).... My week went ok...

Planned to get three sessions in total, ranging from a Monday morning recovery swim (hardly needed that given the preceding weeks training), to my longest swim of the year which I did on Wednesday (hour long, one of the endurance sessions from swim workouts in a binder).... Did a shorter session with some speedwork (what is that again!?) on Friday.... So all in all... I got all three planned sessions in with slightly more meters then i thought I would. Gold star for the swimming then.... Well done me!

Bad! Bad! Bad! Bad! Bad..... And blinkin awful. Sadly I had planned a turbo session on Tuesday evening but an 8pm exit from work left me neither the will, inclination or energy to bother.... Friday similar planned turbo, I should have done this in the morning but didn't (huge mistake).... With no excuse other then much needed research into another project.... Which is no real excuse actually and i can basically accept I phaffed too much and was lazy!! Sunday was a planned 1.5hr outdoor ride... But it was raining and I was basically a complete wimp and so beat myself up on an hour long TrainerRoad turbo session instead. So basically given that during the race I will spend most of the time on the bike I'd better jolly well get on my bike (literally) and sort myself out. Planned ours 3.5.... Done hours 1... Black spot, no gold stars for you Doris.... Must do better!!

Nearly got all my training in... One early morning short interval session was a little ugly but managed to start back on intervals which was great, felt this really helped my running last year. I also did the planned long session which was 1hr20 easy with some 2min up pace to mix things up. Unlike the last long run I did (about a month ago) which was painful and nasty this was almost (and I mean almost!) enjoyable! I like long enjoyable runs so looking forward to increasing these bit by bit. Would like to be at 2 hrs easy before the race.
The only thing I didn't do as I planned on the run front was a little brick after the bike..... But given it was 10mins and I did bugger all biking then this time week I will let myself off.

Other stuff.
Did a little bit of yoga. I actually did a little bit of stretching in the week (gasp!) and I even got to see Jeeza for a sports massage..... And that hurt despite the lack of structured training the last few months..... Combination of walking holiday and lack of stretching thereafter I suspect.

So week 2 I planned optimistically to do about 8 hours... And I managed just under 6..... I don't think that is too bad ... Apart from the whole bike thing!.... 11 Weeks to go....

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