Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ode to Cyril

A lump they found in my tum
Not dangerous I know but still not fun
Larger it grows
"Cyril" you must go
Surgery booked
Await I must
But count down begun

To decipher that I have a large cyst which needs to be taken out, hopefully relatively painlessly and with a quick recovery. Surgery booked for middle of the next month.

I have contemplated keeping this to myself and I may well keep all the details to myself so don't worry!

The irony of Mo & Jo returning on my last blog post only to be completely squished by Cyril the Cyst (as it has been called) is somewhat ironic! Clearly it would not be a terrible good idea to do a half ironman this coming Sunday so I have withdrawn from the race... The rest of the season will all be completely dependant on the op.... My main priority will be to be fit and healthy for the biggest event of the year which has nothing to do with sport but everything to do with being one of, if not the, happiest day of my life :)


  1. best wishes that they get this cyst taken out soon and without incident so you can carry on.

  2. yes. fit and healthy please. thank you :-)