Sunday, July 22, 2012

Post Op....

Well pleased to report that Operation "remove Cyril" went pretty well on Thursday.

Having been an increasingly miserable Doris these last few weeks; due to a mixture of discomfort and frustration, i am now pleased to report I am far less miserable and whilst uncomfortable, in a different way, the pain I was having doesn't seem to be there.... So I am no doubt a happier person to be with, even if somewhat in valid at the moment!!

On Thursday I had a good team of doctors and nurses looking after me, was wheeled down to surgery about 8.30 and wheeled back up a little before 11.... My last memory before I was knocked out was of me saying to the anaesthetist that the gas tasted horrible and for her to reply you should be getting a nice sensation any moment so focus on that.... Which I duly did and do remember having the thought "this must be what drug users call tripping... Man".... As I duly fell asleep!

Thankfully the surgeon got all his business done through keyhole surgery and also thankfully I have not lost any organs! Which is something I feared.... Basically seems like my stomach is a mash of scare tissue from previous surgery and Cyril had grown in amongst all the mess... So clean up job done and Cyril's attempt at "occupy Doris" is now over.

Now it is time for some rest and recovery... Which means sleeping a lot and shuffling about. My stomach resembles a pot bellied pig, I'm guessing it is still somewhat full of the gases from the keyhole and puffed up from the surgery. I haven't actually been able to stand up straight yet it is that blown up!!

I should hopefully be off work only 3 weeks, although no lifting of anything for 6.... The well learnt mantra "listen to your body" will now be strictly imposed on myself. If I'm tired I will sleep!

I have a follow up in a few weeks where they will do a scan but hopefully that will all be clear as the Pope and I have a very long and important holiday to book up for! So much exciting stuff to look forward to.....

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  1. Glad surgery went well. Rest and recover!

  2. glad to hear everything went well. did you bring Cyril home in a jar? :-) Recover well, my friend!