Tuesday, November 28, 2006

and stretch and breath...

Monday done and a good start to the week - other then the fact it's midnight and I should be in bed by now.... I blame my aunt who fed me a cup of full caffeine tea at 2130!

Just a quick blog today. Got up early and managed a weights session (much needed as I am weak!) so that was the first hour of the day done. Flip on to twelve hours later and I went swimming. Lots of lengths and still lots of trouble timing my breathing! Sigh.... so much water up the nose again this week (and so much sneezing after!). Still I think I get what the coach is saying (now I've seen what I'm supposed to be doing in action)... my problem is I'm breathing as I start catching my hand back through the water rather then as I stretch through the water (ie I'm breathing too late). This is apparently leading to a lose of momentum, and more importantly for me personally - a feeling of drowning ;o) Still reckon I did about 1600m or more, will take a look tomorrow.

Not sure of my plan for Tuesday - theortically it's my rest day, but I doubt I'll be able to get anything done Thursday as travelling all day with work. So I guess I'll have to see how things go, one things for sure - given it's now 0014 I won't be getting up early for a run!!!

.. and a final word from the cat... meow!

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