Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blip - week of nonsense or no sense?

Sigh! Last week did start so well didn't it...maybe too well... As expected didn't get anything done last Thurs/ Fri (apart from eat unhealthily!), however as a result I did feel slightly more energised for the hockey! Despite the new found energy though I did play rather crap and we lost too... bah-humbug! Still got my game in and worked hard in parts.. .best thing though was the energy drink before the game seemed to do the trick as didn't have the same fainting incident during the game that I had last week. So at least hopefully a lesson learnt on hydration and getting energy on.

On to Sunday - Remembrance Sunday. Really had other things on my mind and didn't get any phys done at all. So stats for the week not reading great - especially on the bike front with a big ZIP... so gold star last week for swimming, big cross and "must do better" for the bike.

This week I seem to have started with the same lethargy I ended last week. Have been on a course this week for work. Early starts and late finishes has meant a long day with little opportunity for much, that plus a new kitchen going in at home and I'm pooped already and it's only Wednesday. Swimming is in danger of going back to the bottom of the pile again this week as I missed Monday's session (still at work!) and have not gone tonight. Have however managed a weights session and a 30' turbo. I actually have a hockey game tomorrow night rather then training and as the course has finished have a couple of normal office days. Hopefully I'll therefore be able to get away tomorrow in time for the hockey game and actually do something on Friday too.

I'm beginning to realise that
a) If I am indeed going to finish the Olympic distance events next year (which I will), then I really need to start focusing on the goals both training and events.. thus I'd better set some!!
b) Diet and hydration really does effect performance and ability to train (something I've known for ages but for some reason not recognised fully withing myself.
c) Wondering if hockey is helping or hindering the effort. We will probably have a small break mid-Dec to mid-Jan so that'll be a good time to test things out.

Oh and of course must update the blog more regularly!

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