Monday, November 06, 2006

Gold star for day 1...

Hurrah for Monday's that's what I say.... not that work was particularly exciting but having managed a strength session before the work day began I felt somewhat more invigorated then normal. The work day itself had it's usual crazy moments but felt great having got one session out of the way. The real challenge was getting home in time for having some quick pasta then out again for the first Monday swim session ever... Humm

Had many arguments with myself... it's too cold vs I need to go, I need some food vs I need to go, I should do some of my OU course reading vs I need to go.. think you get the drift. So finally, facing up to the fact I may not get the opportunity for another coached session this week I forced myself into my swim gear, through a tracksuit on with a nice big jumper and hopped in the car. Alas the venue wasn't quite where I thought it was, however, despite being 15mins late the coach still let me join the session. Really enjoyed it - learnt more drills and actually felt good in the water (which doesn't happen often!). So managed a 45min session - no idea how many lengths. But learnt more - I just need to remember to only concentrate on one thing at a time (otherwise there's danger of swallowing water!).

So - a gold star for week 1 day 1. Have plans of a run tomorrow evening with some friends but that's dependant on timings... may end up being billy-no-mates and going on my own. Will have to see. After tomorrow it will all start going pear-shaped as am in London working on Wednesday (which will enevitably lead to a post work glass of vino), then I'm out from home for a couple of days with little chance to train at all.

Oh and news of Muffin the cat... well despite being nearly 12 he managed to get in a scrap in the middle of the night... one puffed up eye, one bloody ear and some sort of scab at the top of one of his front legs... nice! I just hope he won!

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