Sunday, November 05, 2006

A lull in training....

Yawn - Sunday evening slumber is upon me. Not that I've done anything today - well apart from help a friend move some stuff into her new home... well actually I didn't actually help much there really but the cups of tea were good!! :o)

Have been a little lacklustre today. Had contemplated driving to Winchester to do a 5k race. Could have done it but am really sore today from yesterday's game so skipped it with the intention of getting on the bike and doing a turbo session instead. Alas that hasn't happened either. Just too tired - which is no excuse really. Hum.. No gold stars at all for this weeks training then. Have ended up having two days off (Fri and Sun) and probably hitting about 6hrs - 6.5hrs total. Half of that on hockey so not too good for Triathlon then!!

Still next week is actually WEEK 1 of my training plan building up to next years Triathlon events, primarily the London Triathlon which, as I've now been paid, I should enter - then I have no excuse for missing it! So that's my #1 event for the year, am going to enter the Olympic distance event with the aim of simply finishing it. Have no idea what time I should aim for and will be chuffed to pieces not to drown in the swim, fall off my bike or cramp up in the run. So the aim shall be finishing - hopefully in one piece!

Had an interesting experience in the hockey yesterday.. not only the 4-4 draw (!!) but a really odd dizzy experience - now this has happened before but not quite this bad.... After the half time break got up to start the second half, and within first 2mins felt really faint, carried on running around none the less... and then got really dizzy and nearly did faint - at least the closest I think I've ever come to it. All settled down after 10mins - all very odd! Anyhow have spoken to a friend who knows about this sort of thing who's suggested by glycogen levels had dropped off and body couldn't adapt to half time break and starting again as had nowhere to get some easy energy (this all made sense to me). So plan next Saturday is to eat a high GI food before the game as well as drink some sports drink before and during. Hopefully that'll be the cure. Any other suggestions greatly appreciated!

As I've said the week coming is the official "start" of preseason training. 4 weeks of "Prep" phase. All this from the Tri training bible mentioned in an earlier post. I think my personal aim for the week has to be getting two (yes two!) swim sessions in at least. My problem is going to be work, am going to be away from home 2-3 days this week so will be interesting to see how it works out.

Right must go - Plant Earth has just come on Beeb 1!!!

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