Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mad Cat and some training

Howdy everyone - if indeed there is an everyone out there reading this ;o) So I originally posted this on Wednesday evening but seems to have been corrupted somewhere in the ether... wierd.

Have had an interesting week, good strength session Monday, a quick spin on my bike (turbo indoors) on Tuesday then the excitement of an early morning run yesterday. I say excitement as the run itself was to be a nice easy 4ish km so not terribly long - just something to wake up to. A lovely morning it was too - sun was shining and the ground looking a little of the frosty side. Before I actually got dressed for the run I sensibly poked by head out of the window to assess the temperature... BRRRRrrrrrr.... so long tights, shorts, helly top and lightweight gillet type of showerproof thing, cap oh and of course iPod... Off I set noting to self it was colder then I thought - confirmed by first frost on the cars. Hummm... Anyhow, was intending a nice easy run again, concentrating on HR <143

Set off nice and easy again trying to keep my feet moving quickly and relatively short steps (to make HR kept in target window). The run itself is half on the road around to a country park, round the lake up a slight hill and home. It was near the end of the run that the excitement happened. Once I get to the hill I usually look to motor up in and good effort home. Got to the bottom of the hill, head down and off I went only to be met by a medium size dog coming down the hill woofing. Now this is not too unusual as the park is a favorite for dog walkers. I'm dog friendly so just carried on running with my head down ignoring the mutt... so it circled behind me and chopped my leg at the bottom of my hamstring/ back of knee.. OUCH! Fortunately for the dog and owner I was concentrating on getting up the hill and initially thought it had just jumped at me. However the bruise does indeed point to a bite - quite literally.. four pointed incisor marks circled by a mutt shaped jaw circle of brusing. Nice.

Still at least no blood was drawn so no need for injections or anything.

As everything is getting a little chilly at the moment I think this is also having an effect on my cat. Thursday morning he had a mad moment or perhaps he is doing his own cat fitness sessions?? It went something like this - starting at 0630..
  • Run in - run upstairs - meow, meow again make a strange noise, run downstairs Attack catnip filled giant spider on the (wooden) living room floor
  • Run back upstairs, meow, jump on Mum's head, meow - run off, run downstairs
  • Attack same giant spider and skid around on the wooden floor some more as it's fun to do that
  • Run back upstairs - meow louder
  • Jump on to every surface including window ledge which has curtain on it and so fall off
  • Meow and run downstairs with embarrasment - kill the spider some more for good measure.
  • Run back upstairs, jump on bed - meow again, jump off bed, go to bathroom and drink some water!
  • Collapse in doorway of bedroom waiting for owner to get up and feed me.
  • ... and all of this I think because there was a frost! I wouldn't mind if he was a kitten but he's 12 years old!! Right must get on! Tally-ho!

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