Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Still going strong!

OK so, so far so good this week! Succesful day Monday followed by a good tempo run Tuesday (about 6.5k in about 34') then another - yes another - swim session! Fortunately my day up in the big smoke was canceled so could get the Weds swim session in - hurrah!

The run yesterday was good fun, although I did choose to go out with my ultra fit friend Claire and a good friend of hers Andy.... Now I should point out that I was told it would be an "easy" session... started off that way until we hit about 12min mark when we certainly moved to what, for me, was a tempo session. Not only is Claire well fit (and 5 years younger), but Andy is a young whipper-snaper too... still stayed with it until the effort up the "hill" which I really couldn't be bothered with so no effort for me... and then the sprint for home.... made about 100m of the sprint then gave up on that one too!!! Still a good tempo for the most part and a good run. Didn't rehydrate properly though as felt like I had a whooping hangover this morning so can only assume I didn't drink enough....Hum

Swim session tonight was good to - less drills then Monday but more swim time which was probably what I needed. Certainly helped get the lactic out of the legs from the run yesterday. Can't figure out why I keep getting cramp in my toes though - happens almost immediately when I hit the water and stays the whole time. Just in the toes - wierd!

Really can't see me getting in much of a session tomorrow as am out and about for a couple of days. May get something done Friday evening but suspect next activity will be Saturday. Hum. No biking yet this week so I guess I'd better get on the saddle at some point.

Right - time to catch up on some zzz's early start tomorrow and I've not been to bed early enough any night this week.

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