Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas silly season

Ho Ho Ho! Ok perhaps not quite yet - Christmas decorations go up this weekend for me, earlier then that and it's just too early and besides I've had multiple kitchens invading my house and not much space to put them up in before now :o)

Last week ended up being a really excellant training week... until Sat when I played a game of hockey. Wrecked my body - I really am getting too old to be running around an astro turf with a stick and let's face it half the team are 20 (yes twenty) years younger. Upshot was had to have a hours snooze after and didn't get either my Sat morning run or Sat afternoon swim in. Did make the swim however Sun morning but then failed to get on the bike.... Still weekly stats aren't bad given the hockey;

Swim: 3k (2hrs Mon, Sun)
Bike: 22k (1hr Tue)
Run: 9k (50' Wed)
Strength (2hrs Mon, Fri)
Hockey (!) (1hr40 Sat)
Total time: 7hrs30mins, if I hadn't played hockey I think I'd have bust the 8hrs30 target I had set :o)

So my decision is pretty much made - am enjoying the challenge of Tri Training and am enjoying the feeling of fitness and wellbeing it's giving me... so have written a mail to hockey captains and said I'm unlikely to be playing after the Christmas break and so far I don't feel like that's a mistake.

Just a quick thing to note - watched some of the European short course swimming at the weekend - OMG! Talk about F-A-S-T.... puts my PB record breaking 50m in 55s at the weekend into context... but then I never had a dream of being an elite athelete!! ;o)

So after my successful training week last week this one is ...err.. well lets just say an enforced rest week thus far. Travelled north to Manchester on Monday so missed my early morning gym session but was still planning on my evening swim session. However public transport had other ideas and I finally arrived back in Reading some three hours late at 10pm - so no swimming for me then!

Yesterday was a day up in the city and I could have probably got something in very first thing but given I didn't get my head down until past midnight I was too darn tired. So another rest day yesterday and likely to be the same today. The good thing however is I'm feeling refreshed and raring to go. So I'll accept that this week can be a "recovery" week - or at least half of it is!

Well best get on!

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