Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Well a new Year is nearly upon us and what a year I've had. A year ago I was in Basra having an early night with a can of blackcurrant fanta.... a year later and I'm having a peaceful evening in with a good mate and some nice tucker.... 2006 has been a long year personally, and one which has seen me change as a person probably quite significantly due to the experiences that came with the start of the year in particular. I'm looking forward to 2007 and all the experiences life will bring along - particularly the London Michelob Triathlon in August!!! :o)

Training this week has gone pretty ok - easier as I was off work, but hard still as I still had the "Christmas must catch up with mates and drink beer" bug!! Although thankfully only one day of that this in the last week!!! Got a really good core session followed by excellent swim session in on Friday. During the swim I did a good set of drills and a few tempo lengths to get through an hour and 2.1k, all felt really good. As a reward I then had an afternoon out on the town... oh dear, although the pints of London Pride did go down well and the company was fab!! Woke up early saturday with a sore head!!

As punishment therefore I had agreed to help a friend out digging over their garden - what felt like hours of hard labour in the rain to repent of my sins of the day before! Still wanted to punish myself some more so did a 5k hill session on the treadmill in the gym... only one word for that... UGLY!

Today I was supposed to be doing a mtb orienteering thing with my mate Claire. Alas I have had a senile moment and thought it was today but when I checked the time on Saturday afternoon on the web I discovered the date of the event was the 30th - yep that would have been Saturday morning then.. doh! so missed it. Not to be outdone though the local gym had a 1.5hour spin session - so we both did that instead which was actually quite enjoyable (in a warped sort of way), just for good measure I left the bike and got on the treadmill for a quick 1k run. Legs held up well and not too much wobbling - amazing!

Well better get out and start celebrating (with elderflower cordial and fizzy water - honest), the arrival of the New Year!

Wishing all of you out there and your families one fabulous celebration tonight and a happy and peaceful 2007.


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