Saturday, February 03, 2007

A new day.... a new cast....

Damn this silly small bone i've broken... cashew nut shaped apparently (isn't it amazing what you can find out on the internet!).... humpf

So yesterday I got myself a nice new shiny heavyweight cast. Had some probs with some swelling and some pins and needles Thursday so spent some time with the lovely people in the "cast room" (no not some dodgey actor auditioning parlour), at the local hospital. A quick chainsaw moment granted my hand (now called the poor paw, pp for short) some freedom.... i was subsequently dispatched to the tea room and told to keep my hand up to see if the swelling went down..... hummmm. Well it did get a bit better but I was left with this odd feeling in my finger tips and a pins and needles type od sensation through the palm of my hand. I was dispatched back home with a bright blood red cover over my cast to see how things settled overnight.

Woke up to an overcast drizzly day and the same sensation in my hand, so back off to the bus stop for the exciting trip back into town and to see the helpful people in the cast room. Despite me not having an appointment and it being rather busy I managed to see a doctor after about an hour and a half wait. Who broke the news that it's definitely broken (i thought there was still some doubt), and I should expect to be in a cast for at least 8 weeks!!!! Wasn't expecting that. As for the pins and needles well got my cast changed, no more light weight fibreglass for me back to the heavy weight plaster of paris stuff. At least the sun came out in the afternoon!

So having been reprimanded by the cast staff and doctor for overworking pp I've decided i'd better not go to the spin class I'd planned to do today!!.... and running is totally banned for another few weeks - not that i've done any of that. This is the most in active period since Jan 2004 when I was recovering from a major op. Still I can walk fine and as the weather forecast is for blue skies at the weekend I shall keep my arm up and go for a stomp around the countryside!... and hey we actually beat the aussies at cricket last night so there's always some good news :o)

More soon, may have to rename the blog to Karen and the adventures of the PP... In fact I may change the format and colour of the blog... gives me something to do other then the hours on a bike, would have been a lovely day for an outdoor ride today too!!!

Until next time remember behind every grey cloud there are a thousand rays of sun.

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  1. I'm so sorry for the bad news. Poor paw! Mine seems to be damaged in everything but the bone so at least I'm cast free (not to rub it in).

    To answer your question: I play ice hockey, badly actually, but it's a lot of fun. My last game of the season is March 6th and I'm hoping that I can maybe play in a splint. We'll see what the physio says; I'm kind of scared to ask how long the recovery will be since she hasn't mentioned it.

    I'm sending you good thoughts for quick healing. Go cashew-shaped bone, go!