Saturday, March 01, 2008

Defn: "Thank Crunchie it's Friday"

To all those interested (based on my comment yesterday)...

I'm afraid I'm occasionally a sucker for the TV advert and Cadbury's have this lovely bar of chocolate called a "Crunchie Bar"
Back in the early 90s they ran a advertising campaign where the slogan/ strap line was "Thank Chrunchie it's Friday" with invariably someone chomping on a nice Crunchie bar (which obviously made everything sweet and good in the world, generally making everything better).... and so, being in that category of a marketing/ advertising people's dream, where I retain such stuff it's stuck over the years.... in fact it still invokes warming memories today and if I'm having a bad day you can guarantee a Crunchie just makes everything good, particularly on a Friday!

The bar even has it's own page on wikipedia!

News on the half Mary tomorrow.....

1. Have decided to run without my ipod! The reason for this is two fold; (i) Because Reading Half is the second biggest half marathon in the UK, only beaten by the great north run. So there should be lots of support and I want to hear and feel the vibe, and (ii) When I do my 70.3 I won't be allowed to use an MP3 player so I may as well get used to going the distance without it. I hope I don't regret this decision!
2. I am running in a tri vest top (optional summer underarmour long or short sleeve t underneath depending on weather). The reason; I can fit gels in the side pockets. S'ok - i've worn the top once so I'm sure it'll be ok (gulp)
3. I've decided to wear my Garmin. I've been thinking about that one a lot. Anyhow, have some different screens set up, but think I'm going to go with the screen which shows average speed, time passed and ... err can't remember the third part (possibly HR or current speed). Still don't intend to pay too much attention to it.
4. Apparently they have pacers in the event, so I'm going to find the 2hr runner and see if I can stay with it - I may decide immediately to not bother, I'll leave this decision to the start line!
5. I'm going to run as I feel it. I know from the last time the bit from 11-13 miles is just nasty... so figure I've got to get to 11miles then I'll probably forget about the pain of the last two (give it a week or two)!!
6. Given the WIND today (two freight trains have been blown over - I kid you not!) I'm not going to "plan" to have any race "strategy" as such (what IS one of those anyhow)... I'm just going to enjoy myself and finish those are the main priorities. If I were to say a time I'd say I'm aiming for 2:15 as doable, I'll be happy with 2:07 and ecstatic with anything faster. Tomorrow's forecast is for a sweltering (given it's March) of 10 degrees and winds of 14mph (gulp - that's quite windy - I just hope it's behind me on those last 2 miles of open road - yikes!.. I will be drafting as much as possible)

I think I may have one of these after the race.....

and of course go and see Mum as it's Mother's day tomorrow (note - also because parents are kindly feeding me a roast beef dinner - YUM!)


  1. Have a fantastic race! Celebrate with a Crunchie!!

  2. Thank you for the definition!! I was ready to start using it and now I know what it means!! YAY!!

  3. Thank Crunchie we know what that means now! LOL

    Have a great run. I think the idea of running sans ipod is a good one.

    Try not to get blown over!!

    Looking forward to the race report.

  4. Have a great race. I will be anxious to hear how you liked it without your iPod. I have recently started running without mine and find I like it a lot.