Thursday, April 17, 2008

Atlanta and Wes - part deux

Morning/ Evening/ Afternoon fellow bloggers

I've been here over 5 days and I'm still waking up at 5am then again at 6:30 - which has been get up time. Hummm..... Bet I get the right sleep pattern Friday night, would be about right given I'm flying home Saturday!!

Anyhow it's now Thursday afternoon so a couple more days of tri-training in Atlanta to catch up on.

Thanks to Wes I got a swim in these last couple of days at an "Aquatic Center" near Marietta. Wes has been a absolute star with suggestions of places to train, rental places etc. The Aquatic Center is a 10 lane 25yd/ 25m (depending on which way they switch the lanes) quite close to where I'm staying - and it only costs $3 to get in - bargain. A decent pool with a lane to yourself - excellent :o) Managed a swim both yesterday and today, hopefully will again tomorrow too.

Yesterday I headed back over to Silver Comet Trail, rented a bike again and headed out for a 1.5hour session to include 5*2'intervals (3' rest). Did these towards the end of the session (as prescribed) and actually found it quite hard. Think this was partly down to the lovely warm (ie nearly 70 degrees) weather which has now arrived - hurrah for that too! :o)

Today after the swim I headed back to the Chattahoochee River and parked up for a 80min slow easy (HR <148) run. Had outlined plans to meet Wes during the run as he was doing a brick today. I must confess I started both late, it was hot and I didn't feel light on my feet at all, all in all I started out feeling YUK. Think this was partly down to the heat but also down to the fact I was carrying a litre of water on my bum-bag plus trappings of a tourist in it!!! LOL..... Talk about paranoid with all that water - on reflection I should have headed out with my epipen and keys and left the rest behind as I could have had water in a couple of places and did loop back to the lot just after half way. Still I explored a little, up one of the bike trails - up being the operative word here.... phewy! So much for running in zone still I did get to run back down again which was great fun! Managed to get back to the parking lot of 12:30 and there came Wes cycling right by me - I hardly recognised him in his bike helmet!! LOL.... still there's only one Georgia smile like that I reckon. Given I started late I still had nearly 30mins to go - bless the Wesmyster as he accompanied me for the lot of it - I enjoyed the company :o) He was only supposed to be doing a 15min brick so that was really nice of him. We fell into a nice easy pace, then on the way back I'm sure we got faster and faster - will have to look at my Garmin.... I thought it was him speeding up and he thought it was me...LOL..... ! Still I finished feeling a heck of a lot better then I started. Oh and we did see some snakey criter thing in the pathway on the run... eugh! Wasn't very big but still - a SNAKE! Really..... was there any need? Oh and Lisa - we took a picture this time - will be coming on a blog near you sometime soon :o) Tomorrow is my final training day in Atlanta - a swim, 2hr bike and run off..... reckon I need to start as early as possible as it's heating up out here... LOVELY :o) Still hoping to meet the Wes Clan tonight!

Other non-tri-specific ramblings;
1. Incident of the day (other then the snake)... Do not put car keys in the same pocket in your bum back as a pouch of energy powder. This may seem a secure place to put the keys but they come out with a fine sweet dusting!
2. Why do people in Atlanta not indicate when the are driving?
3. Why is it if you're looking to come in a lane on the freeway, on indicating to do so the car (way) behind on the inside lane speeds up and closes the gap?!
4. Why do they have key activated front gates on this apartment building when you can just drive in to the residents car park through the back entrance at the rear of the property during the day (due to construction ongoing)
5. When is the cat going to get over his jetlag?
6. Why does Walmart have so much cereal to choose from but NO MUESLI!?
7. Note to self: Do not have anymore of those lovely fine onion shredded fried things from the Italian - they are delicious but do play havoc with your innerds!

OSN: 2k in 65mins (distance guess, lots of drills, main set 50,100,150,200,250, 300)
OBN: 33.80k in 1hr30mins
OSN: 1.8 in 65mins (distance a complete guess, more drills main 50,100,150,200)
ORN: 11k in 1hr20mins


  1. Yep.. we got lots of snakes here! Man you guys are having fun.

  2. You are getting lots of great workouts in while out of town!! Nice job!

  3. I didn't think about your epipen. Hmmmmm... Should of realized the bumble bees were bad :-(

    I did enjoy getting to run with you again, and honestly, I thought you were setting the pace! Unfortunately, I forgot to actually save the picture we took, and I'm totally bummed about it :-) ROFL!! I guess I'm not as technology savvy as I thought.

    You have a safe trip home. I hope Sarah gets to feeling better soon. Someday, I will bring Dee Dee to England for a football match, and we can have that pint :-)

  4. Hi Karen. I found your blog from wes's blog. Its great you were able to get all your training done here in Atlanta. It definitely has many options for triathletes. I am meeting up with Wes and some others tommorow for an OWS.

    I liked your observations on Atlanta traffic.They are definitely true. Have a safe flight home

  5. funny stuff in your ramblings...

    and I understand that the picture WAS NOT SAVED!!! :(

  6. i worked in atlanta (and you are right the airport is weird) for about 12 months in 2006/7 and enjoyed it immensley. Commuted by bike from ashford park to the work site over at the RM Clayton treatment plant on the Chattahoochee river, even bought a new bike from Peachtree Cycles. You think traffic is bad in Atlanta try Cleveland or New Jersey where I now live, man Atlanta was sweet....except when it rains when people went home early cos the roads would be slippery....hope you managed to get to Buckhead area for a drink although guess with your training thats unlikely, FADO was an excellent bar....and as for soccer go Silverbacks.....

  7. I thought Florida was the only place no one indicated and to answer your question it is because if you indicate then people know where you are going and will block you as per your following point. Far better obviously to keep evryone in a perpetual state of paranoia as to your intentions...

  8. In answer to your excellent questions:

    1. At least the keys will smell good.
    2. Because we are Americans and we are crazy.
    3. See #2
    4. See #2, are you now understanding why you English kicked us out in the first place. ;-)
    5. Probably never.
    6. What the #$%@ is muesli??
    7. Oh, come know you want one. ;-)

  9. Re: Box Hill

    Shhh! It was easy-peasy. Don't tell. :)

    Hope you enjoyed your holiday!