Friday, April 04, 2008

Month Recap

Let's get the dull bit out of the way...

Marmite on bagel today * 2

I'm working from home today so easy access to the Marmite - temptation is just too high. At least I'm not the only one with this problem eh?! (See the comments here and here)

OK - I'm having a slow training week... Week 1 at work tends to start a bit busy then I've had a couple of lengthy days in London..... Still I have a race on Sunday (have you seen the forecast.. WTF!)... and for the record if it is 2 degrees and snowing I will not be racing through transition - no sir... I'm going to take as long as I need to put layers on including my overboots! This after all is a training race not an A race and I'd rather finish it without hypothermia thank you very much!

Anyhow where was I... I was going to blog my 4 week cycle summary.... From Monday 3 March to Sunday 30th was "Pre-Comp 1" not that I'm really following the original programme much anymore - that called for a total of 41hours training... Hummm I think not.. here's the numbers;

SWIM 11.8okm for 6hrs 22mins
BIKE 265.6km for 12hrs 26mins
RUN 32.5km for 3hrs 14mins
OTHER Body Balance 1hr 33mins

I have excluded my weekly 30mins slot with the physio from these numbers (now that would give me an extra couple of hours in total...oh oh plus the hour sports massage).. humm.. Now what did I say last month....:
1. More swimming needed... ok good i did that
2. Lack of running cos of back... Oh I managed to do half as much as when I had a lack of it "gulp" but at least I am running those k's faster (Build average pace 6.22 per km, this time 5.58) so good and bad.
Also similar biking in total but slightly faster...

I *SHOULD* be doing more body balance and more plyometric stuff - which I'm not really recording anyhow as it's the odd hop/skip/jump whenever I fit it in! I'm a bit worried I'm not getting enough time on my feet running - think I may slot in an extra run a week.

I wasn't ill enough at any point to take any "ill time outs" from training but I didn't train 8 days (lazy) during the period. That's double the allowance - but then it was Easter and I was on holiday and did spend like 16hours on a plane (approx 8 hours each way)... so I'm going to kind of let myself off on that one!

OK so then the month ahead, started this week - oh not a great start including a double bagel (no not the marmite but two non-training days already... ok maybe we should call it a double doughnut instead...)... It does include one triathlon (this Sunday) and a 110k Sportive too (27 April). The things to focus on; increasing swim, fitting in a long run, continued focus on run off bike and run pace.... not too much to ask for.. oh and there's that little thing called a HOLIDAY the week after next! :o)

Have a great weekend peeps - I'm praying that they've got the forecast really wrong for sunday!

OSN:.... Oh that reminds me... WES; So i usually take my "swim workouts in a binder" to the pool (excellent), don't always follow the sessions (but I did today endurance 1)... anyhow - I think it's beginning to smell... eugh... was thinking of dunking it in a cleaning solution the somehow drying out.... any suggestions?!?!

OSN: 2550 in 1hour 10mins


  1. It's starting to smell? Ewwwww! Like what? Marmalite? ROFL!!! Ahhh, I can't smell anything, so I wouldn't know. What I do do, however, is make sure I dry my pages off thorougly before closing the book after swimming. Maybe the pages need to be cleaned with something that won't remove the protection from the pages.

    Good luck with your tri this weekend! I am, of course, entirely jealous!!

    Don't forget to let me know when you are coming to town again!!

  2. Wes, it is MARMITE! If you can't appreciate it, at least spell it right (LOL)
    Besides Marmite smells GOOOOOD!

  3. I put my swim workouts in a 1gallon ziplock bag so they don't get wet. But it sounds like you have some sort of notebook with paper that's supposed to be okay at the pool?

  4. Marmite, schmarmite... :-) Just proves that I'm ignorant,which means its OK to tease ROFL!!!! If I KNEW what I was talking about, then I'd be an idiot... Oh wait... Never mind :-)

  5. Hilarious comment thread! It smells of Chlorine?? Just print a new copy!