Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Headline from ETU

Will write a fully report from the weekend later... here's the headlines;

PB'd the swim and the run - WOO HOOOOO!

Bike was a nightmare for me an everyone else

I was feeling pretty crap about the overall time when I finished (3:00:12) but when I found out my swim and run splits I was pretty blinkin pleased!!

I didn't quite come last in my age group (17/20) which is great, at least I wasn't just there to make the numbers up and I did compete in parts of the race ;o)

Overall an amazing experience on so many levels.

And to top it all I'm not even really that sore! Amazing! Lots learnt for the 70.3!

More later


  1. Splendiferous!! Two PBs in one event is totally rock-in!! OK. I'm trying to decide between Tippy and Doris. Lemme know if you have a preference ;-)

    Get working on the full please!!!

  2. Great job on the race. 2 PB's in the race is not too shabby.

  3. Sounds awesome!! Any PB makes me happy!

  4. Sweet! Look forward to the whole report.

  5. Awesome!! That sounds like a GREAT race to me.

  6. Nice job - 2 PBs! Looking forward to the full report!

  7. Flipping Henry, I just looked at your splits. Great swim and run times and I'm sure there is a story behind the bike as no one was splitting that super fast.
    Well done. You need to come and race in Florida, you would kick butt over here!