Friday, May 02, 2008

This stage - where am I again?


So think I'm going to blog some pictures today;

Firstly a picture of me enjoying a nice cup of tea after last weekends sportive... please note I'm wearing "Atlanta Cycling" outfit, obviously purchased in Atlanta on my recent trip.... Obviously a case of all the gear and no idea...LOL

You can't really tell how dirty I was afterwards - my legs look a bit brown but this is dirt from all the splash back from my front wheel or Leanne's rear wheel...(did I mention the rain on the ride!)... Humm... I think Leanne got off a bit worse though as I really "got" her when I cycled through a stream coming down a country lane (she was riding right behind and got a shower from my back wheel!!):

Now, as my hairdresser will atest I'm not terribly good at pre-booking and planning my trips to the hairdressers. Typically I'll wait until my hair suddenly becomes wild/ out of control (or the roots are showing too Anyhow, I've been growing my hair a bit these last couple of years which means my trips to the hairdressers gets longer between visits. But this week I just had to go - my roots were not hinting through but were inches long - so thought I'd better had before people start getting my age wrong So last night I made a visit;

Don't worry - I didn't leave the hair dressers with the foils in!!! But I am considering this hairstyle... although I don't think it'll help the aerodynamics on the bike?? Hummmmm

Now what other excitement has happened recently... OH YES... THIS has arrived;
What a blinking laugh!! So the ETU Champs is next weekend... I am so going to come last in my age group but I don't care.. Us Lisbonkers (Jules, Angel and I) are there for the experience, it's going to be a blast! Not convinced that doing an Oly as your first tri of the season is a good thing, but too late to worry about that now!!!

OK as for training this week... Swim Monday (mainly drills as I was pooped and there was a lot of testosterone in the fast and medium lanes and I wasn't in the mood for a fight!! Tuesday I took off as I was too pooped for words and I was supposed to do an hour 40 run... so I did that Wednesday instead in the pouring rain.. which was great actually and pretty much all off road (which was interesting given I wasn't wearing my offroaders.. ops). Great run until I got back to work to find the showers were cold - not that I knew that until the moment I plopped my head in!! BRRRRRrrrrrrrr!

Yesterday I should have swam or body balance but the hair appointment took over the evening and when I got in I just had to eat and then sleep!!!

As for the lasy 4 weeks - This was "pre-comp 2" and was a little patchy in places. Was supposed to have the race which got snowed off, had some good training in Hotlanta, but had too many bagel days (no training) once more.

In summary; 4 weeks 31 March - 27 April
Swim: 19.2k in 9hrs 52mins (avg pace 30:50/k)
Bike: 199.53k in 10hrs 53mins (avg pace 2:58/k)
Run: 58.97k in 6hrs51mins (avg pace 6:58/k)
Other: 30mins (oh dear!)

Paces are slower but think that's because I've gone longer on the long/ easy rides and runs. I've also uped considerably the run and swim which is great but at the expense of a bit of time on the bike.

May is going to be a tough month training wise. I've got the Lisbonkers event next weekend, flying out Thursday evening and back the following Monday evening. Then as soon as I'm back I'm almost off again - the very next weekend I've got a work trip out to San Francisco! We're flying out Saturday and expected to host customers Sat/ Sun before we have events Monday/ Tuesday. I'm really not sure how much training I'm going to get in - the work colleague I'm going with isn't terribly supportive of the whole triathlon thing and seems to have an expectation that customer hosting equates to time by the bar getting drunk. Now don't get me wrong I don't mind the customer hosting thing, I understand that - but please give me a choice over whether I get decide to get intoxicated or not... and why does she insist on this being a necessity? Really... If I choose not to drink then don't give me a hard time. GRRRRrrrrrr.... Anyhow, I think I'm more likely to be able to squash in some 30mins intervals sessions there then anything else and I may not be able to do that..... Would be ace for the hotel to have a pool in it, even if it's small I can do drills... hummmm.

Anyhow I'm out in the US for a week, although the last Thurs-Sunday I should be able to train a bit as the main body flies back on the Wednesday.

That'll take me to 26th May before I know it!! So I think this coming month the aim will be;
Keep up the swimming - as much as can given travel
Bike - Splattering of long ride when I can otherwise short rides/ intervals and bricks
Run - Splattering of long run when I can otherwise short run/ intervals and bricks
It'll be a challenging month!

I'll leave you with this;
One of the many cheesecakes from the cheesecake factory! Guaranteed a slice of this puppy will be more then the 600 calories!!!


  1. Cheesecake just doesn't do it for me. However, pies are a completely different matter.

  2. What a cool outfit. I live here and I don't have one of those :-( Doing an Oly for your first tri of the season ain't so bad :-) You go have fun!!!

    When you are at the bar in San Fran, just drink Tonic Water or something similar. You don't need alcohol unless you want it!!

    Have fun!

    P.S. Eat at Scoma's on the wharf...

  3. Ooooh I like the Atlanta Cycling outfit...very cool

  4. JulesR12:08 pm

    Does Bruno do your hair at Marc Antoni? Did he give you an aero-cut for next Sunday's race?

  5. guys ride hard. Dont tempt me with more of those cheescake snaps!

  6. OMG!
    Are you reprazentin' girl?

    I mean seriously, are you part of the UK team in Lisbon? Did you have to qualify and things?

    Thats amazing!
    Now if only we could get TV coverage.