Sunday, May 25, 2008

Where am I? and STATS

Literally speaking;
I flew to SFO a week ago, left there for Atlanta on Wednesday and now in Washington transiting back to London. Is it any wonder that I'm not quite sure where I am. Certainly my training has plopped right off the radar.

So where am I training wise...

3 weeks today I'll be doing my 70.3. I've not had any "good" training sessions for about 3 weeks now, so much for peaking. In addition I've got a foot problem, I first thought this could be a stress fracture, but have been told it could be less serious being spot of "Metatarsalia", will be getting that checked out with the physio when I get home. Not until Tuesday though as it's a bank holiday tomorrow (which is as well!)

OK, so less of the dome and gloom. Am still doing the 70.3, I am NOT setting any time goals (although ok I'd like to do the swim in 38-35mins). The reasons for this are several;
1. The bike course is a complete and utter nightmare. Everyone I've talked to have said how brutal it is with over 1,000m climbing... gulp! So I've no idea what time to expect so won't bother setting one. Will just do it as relaxed as I can!
2. The run course is also NASTY! In that it has a 1 in 10 to ascend/ descend, not one, twice but three times!! So, given the bike prior to this I'm in no position to judge how I'm going to do on this run either
3. Foot problem may just stop me in my tracks anyhow.
4. 3 weeks of no focus is not going to help performance. I knew this period of time would be difficult so I'm no complaining, just recognising it won't be conducive to "performing"!

Now I've rolled that one off here's some stats from Lisbon;

As you may (or maynot) be aware my previous one and only Olympic distance race was at London last year. Here were my stats for that;

SWIM 00:30:25 1.5 00:02:02 per 100m
T1 00:04:35

BIKE 01:11:47 38 00:01:53 per km
T2 00:01:42

RUN 00:57:37 9.8 00:05:53 per km

So with that I figured the following for Lisbon;


Happy Aim Dream
SWIM 00:31:00 00:29:00 00:28:00
T1 00:05:00 00:04:00 00:03:30
BIKE 01:25:00 01:15:00 01:10:00
T2 00:02:00 00:01:40 00:01:10
RUN 00:59:00 00:57:00 00:56:30

and this is how I did;

SWIM 00:28:10 1.5 00:01:53 per 100m
T1 00:02:30

BIKE 01:32:16 45 00:02:03 per km
T2 00:01:29

RUN 00:55:49 10 00:05:35 per km


So I aced my run, pretty much aced my swim (that was the mat time, my watch was 27:52).... and actually in the cold light of day the bike isn't so bad given the steepness of the hill involved I was only 10secs per K slower then London... and the course was a lot more technical.... so I've put that one to bed now :o)


  1. After seeing the plethora of people doing Florida 70.3, you'll be fine. You'll just need to race smart, not hard!

  2. Good luck!! I hope your foot holds up!!

  3. Wow, only 3 weeks to the 70.3. Time flies. Can't wait to read about your experience with that.

    Of course, for me waiting for a report, 3 weeks will seem to take forever. I suspect time will seem to move faster for you though. LOL.

  4. Good luck!

    You've really been racking up those miles.

  5. GOOD LUCK, chica! I'm sure you'll do better than you think ;-)

  6. Good luck with Ironman 70.3, that's an impressive challenge.

    Interested to see that there is a Crowthorne tri on your list as well. I wish I'd known about that one, I might have been tempted. I loved running around there.