Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'll keep it short!


I'm tired! Had a rather hectic week culminating in an Army dinner night last night and staying up to 3am sipping port and chewing the cud!.... Phewy... Well it has been my birthday week and I do like to spread my celebrations out ;o)...

Actually though, work has involved a lot of traveling too which has been chipping away at the old energy reserves (I drove about a thousand miles this week!).... Still, although I didn't manage to swim at all (OH DEAR!) and I missed my long bike (GULP!) I did manage to get ALL my run sessions in, even early in the morning and late at night when I didn't want to.... and best of all I managed a 2hour, 12mile easy run yesterday morning (before the dinner night!). Twas a lovely spring morning for that - superb in fact, no glorious, exquisite, simply brilliant... I think you get the idea - I loved my run! Which in itself is a bit weird admitting to ;o)

February has been an odd month, particularly weather wise... having experienced the most snow (in my home town) ever in my entire life and being marooned at home, to having pretty bad flooding... all of which has meant getting out and running or biking has been challenging.. .to this current weekend when the temperature has risen to the late 40s, the skies of become clear, the sun getting up earlier and the birds beginning to sing the morning rise... it's almost become spring out of the blizzards! Even my bulbs are all pushing up and flowers are arriving!

On a final note (I did say I'd keep this short).... Whilst driving up to the dinner night last night I was on this dual carriageway and my eyes were drawn to a sign which said


I kid you not. Well. Say no more!.... If it ain't in use why tell me it's not!?!

Strange - and that was before the port quaffing!

Hope you've all had a great week gone and just enjoyed a relaxing weekend!

4 Days till my tri camp in Lanzarote - can't wait to get some proper weather, enjoy some long bike rides outside (rather then the turbo) and getting into the nice 50m outdoor pool every day...oh and the added bonus of having some time off work. BRILL!


  1. Hahahahahha that sign cracks me up! Reminds me of the "Slow Cyclists" sign that I saw once (were they warning drivers that the cyclists were slow or were they telling cars to go slow because of cyclists - we'll never know!)

    Happy birthday - all the cool people were born in February. :-)

  2. I'm going to let Dee Dee know now I wants a birthday week! :-)

  3. I hope Lanzarote went well for you.