Thursday, February 05, 2009

Karen 2 Snow 1

Well you know how much we Brits like to talk about the weather right?

So all I can say is in the last week I CAN NOT believe the amount of snow we've had. I'm not kidding when I say that I think the amount of snow we've had this week is probably more then I've seen here locally in the last 39 years of my life added up.

I'm not kidding

Yes I've seen MUCH more snow at ski (snowboard for me) resorts.

But never here.

Despite the snow and ice I did manage to drag my butt to the gym on Tuesday evening (the roads were passable by the evening) and do a 45min dreadmill session, Karen 1 Snow 0.

Yesterday was a clear day on the roads (just the fields/ woods etc that had the snow covering), and I did manage the turbo.

Today should have been 7 miles... BUT I GOT BEATEN... didn't even make it to the gym (which was ultimately probably slightly lazy of me).

So 2 - 1 to me so far, although if you include the fact I've not swam yet this week then maybe it's 2-2!!

Was supposed to be working in London tomorrow but we've already had forecasts for more bad weather overnight and thus the travel disruption tomorrow so that's been called off. If nothing else I'll get on the turbo for some punishment!!!

And just to show that I'm not the only one surprised by the amount of the white stuff, we (like the whole country) has nearly run out of salt to salt the roads with!! What a laugh!!

On a positive note I did add 15mins of upper body work (yes strength training people.. GASP!) after the last dreadmill session. Well done me (for that anyhow!)



  1. a couple of years ago, we had a huge snowfall. folks who have never owned a shovel needed one to get out of their driveways and the stores ran out of shovels!

  2. It only takes an inch or so to shut down everything here :-)

  3. Glad you got to experience the winter wonderland covered in snow!

    Love the score card concept.

    OK, so I know that snow is white, slippery, and clogs traffic. On the slight chance that these things look remotely different in the UK vs our little corners of the world could you post a picture or two of snowbomination 2009?

    Cheers! - go swimming!

  4. cousins in london and I saw some pics.. unbelievable!