Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl

For the first time in years (I'm sure like over a decade) the Super Bowl is being shown on terresterial TV over here in the UK. Shame is the Packers were no where near close to getting to the final ;o)

So I'm thinking should I stay up.. .it's already 23:30 and I'm struggling to stay awake so it doesn't exactly bode well does it! Am also wondering which team to support..... I think Arizona as I believe there are more of you virtual blogger buddies nearer Arizona then Pittsburg?!!?.... and besides they are the team in Red aren't they which is the same colour as the mighty Liverpool FC may fav footy team.

Oh blimey the Steelers nearly got a T.D.

now 3rd and short or something and... oh there we go - they scored so you can see I've had the proverbial commentators nightmare moment!!

BUT WAIT there's a challenge...I doubt it but still...

Will obviously have to keep the blog short or you'll just get a load of random outdated comments from someone who only kinda gets the rules ;o)

So - to keep it short and sweet.... I've had a good recovery week...I've indulged completely which I'm not sure is the done thing but still ;o)

Running is feeling good - have a few niggles and reckon I need a bit of a sports massage but not sure when I'm going to fit that in.

Base 2 begins tomorrow with the obligatory "rest day"...which is as well as it has snowed here this evening..... which we in the south of England can't cope with so chaos will reign tomorrow for sure (in terms of traffic)!

WOW... lucky call from the Cardinals. Turns out they were right to call the review! NO T.D!

1/12th of the year down already... HAPPY FEBRUARY.. and for those Aquarians out there (who haven't already had their birthday!), enjoy the next few weeks :O)


  1. I'm watching the game too (sort of). I haven't paid much attention but saw that play in the last 18sec of the first half. That's the one everyone will be talking about tomorrow!

  2. Play by play would make a LONG post on the bloggie :-) Liverpool played a great game yesterday against Chelsea! Although, I think the send off to Lampard was such a joke. Normally the baldy ref is a good one. Not sure what happened there, but that doesn't detract the awesome goal!! LOL...