Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Karen Needs and FFFK

As I have little originality or creativity this weekend I'm doing the easy blog option.. Yes, following in the footsteps on several fellow bloggers, Wes for example.... I thought I'd just blog what Karen Needs... Idea (unless you don't know already) is to google "{your name} needs and share the first ten google returns... so here you go;

1. Karen needs a list
Yes my first on the list is someone else's list which has already been done - and somewhat different!

2. Karen needs help - Gay Marriage in California
Well yes I do need help but no one told me about that particular arrangement! GASP!

3. Karen needs a lobotomy fund
No comments please!

4. Karen Needs is on facebook
What - there is actually someone with that name!? I am actually already on facebook, thanks.

5. ... to take a rest
... well that's what the photo on flickr said.... true though

6. be on youtube
... several youtube videos, one of which is about gin drinking, now there is an idea...

7. ... horney
.. no comment :O)

8. ... tech advise true

9.... a man for no strings fun
... WOW! I seem to be quite demanding today given points 2, 7 and now 9!! MWAAAaaahhhhh!

10. .. a new helmet
... This is quite true - I got a new bike helmet last year and I'm still not sure if I like it!

If you want a go consider yourself tagged already!

On another note, following some other blogs I read I found out about Nancy and also this;

Virtual bloggers around the world are running for Nancy this weekend - well we don't need much of an excuse... so today was my long slow run so I pitched in 16.2 k (Not quite 5k, extras for doing it a day late) in 1:42:09 with my fastest 5k in there at 30:38.

Was going to swim but my second Sweeny Todd pie of the weekend has led to sofa collapse, well me in it rather then the weight of it hitting the ground!


  1. The What Karen Needs resulted in a funny list. :-)

    Great job on your run with the FFFK stuck in it. :-)

  2. I AM SOOOOOO LMAO at #7! HAHAHAHAAA Ohhhh that is classic!

    And thank you for reminding me, I want to do this myself ;-)

  3. May all your needs come true.

    Thanks for joining in the FFFK.

  4. Yup. We could so be training buddies :-) Move to Atlanta... LOL... You might find that "romance" here! Ha!!!

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